Winter Skin Survival Guide: 5 Favorite Products

Illustration by Shore Creative
Written by Jess Lambi

As usual, the change in weather means that I am taking a look at my skincare routine, and seeing what I need to add or subtract to help combat skin issues (dry, chapped and flaky) I deal with during the winter months. Boston winters are brutal

I’m really focused on using clean skincare products, and I am a huge advocate for these products particularly in the wintertime because toxic products usually include alcohols and other drying ingredients and chemicals…meaning no matter what the package says, it’s not going to perform as well as it’s clean counterparts. These five clean products are definitely the pillars of my winter skincare survival kit.

1.Hydrating Hair Mask

Just like my skin, my hair dries out even more than usual in the winter. Investing in a hair mask, like the Innersense Hydrating Mask, will help to add in all of that moisture that I’m in desperate need of. I also feel like winter is the perfect time for cozy, self-care nights at home, which means time for treating yourself to routines like this. Leave in the mask for 10 minutes or more while you sit in the bath, bake cookies or read tarot.

2.Creamy Body Lotion

My body lotion in the winter needs to be much thicker and more heavy-duty than the one that I use in the summer. I love the Organic Bath Body Butter because it truly feels as thick and creamy as frosting (in the best way possible). I like to lather it on before bed as a part of my nightly winter routine.

3.Lip Conditioner 

While an ‘everyday’ lip product could work for my lips in the winter, the best part about a super hydrating lip product in the winter is remembering to lather it on before going out in the cold and feeling like your lips are protected as opposed to instantly chapped. The Herbivore Coconut Oil Lip Conditioner is the product that I’ll be grabbing all season long.

Herbivore Coconut Oil Lip Conditioner

4.Hand Cream

I think we can all agree super dry hands in the winter is inevitable. Beautycounter’s Hand Cream, like all of their products, is a great option. Filled with a number of natural oils and extracts, it’s effective and smells amazing too.

5.Reparative Face Moisturizer

My face is usually the place where I want hydrating products, without the thick texture that I prefer in my body or hand lotion. The Tata Harper Repairative Moisturizer fits the bill. It’s effective for dry skin without feeling heavy. Plus, I love supporting New England companies, and this female founded brand from Vermont continuously offers the best of the best.

Be sure to check out (the other) Jess’ full morning and night skincare routine here.

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  1. Rach wrote:

    This is so helpful! I do love Beautycounter’s hand cream! It really is the best!

    12.3.18 | Reply
    • Jessica Lambi wrote:

      So glad to hear that, Rach! And so do I, it’s one of the best out there! — Jess

      12.4.18 | Reply
  2. Sharon wrote:

    I need to order that hydrating hair mask asap. My hair is so dry. One thing I find that helps during the winder is sleeping with a humidifier.

    12.3.18 | Reply
    • Jessica Lambi wrote:

      That’s a great tip — I’ll need to try it. Some people have recommended silk pillowcases for dry hair as well, but I’ve yet to invest in them! — Jess

      12.4.18 | Reply
  3. Lynn wrote:

    I love the description of your skincare Jess. Sounds clean and lucious. I wish I knew after seeing a zillion skin Drs. What I can use to cleanse and moisturize my face. I can’t wear makeup and I’m allergic to everything thing because my skin barrier was basically thinned out and sensitized by a skin Dr giving me way too much RX cortisone. Add that to allergies and I’m desperately searching for a minimum routine that I can just cleanse my face moisturize and wear a bare minimum of a tinted moisturizer and blush and/or bronzer. No one understands how dry, red and itchy I am. I’ve tried every skin Dr recommended sample made. I’ve researched it so much as well. It might be part barrier distruction and part of my own autoimmune system with Rosacea and contact Dermititis. I wonder if any other readers ever have had this? Thank you and sorry it’s so very long❤️

    12.3.18 | Reply
    • Jessica Lambi wrote:

      Thanks for sharing your experience, Lynn! As someone with sensitive skin, I’ve definitely had my battles with reactions, acne, I can relate in some capacity to your frustration. I hope you find what works for you, and maybe a reader here may have some experience to share! — Jess

      12.4.18 | Reply

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