How To Wear A Tunic Sweater
By Jess
25 Apr 2016

Jess Kirby of Prosecco & Plaid on the Cliff Walk in Newport, RI



It was a gorgeous and slightly windy Sunday so we decided to take a walk along the water. The sky was so blue it made the ocean look like we were in the Caribbean. It finally felt like it was time to break out the white skinny jeans, I got these from Paige last year and they are still one of my favorites (I love the raw hem). We couldn’t believe how crowded it was in town this weekend, I guess the gorgeous weather got everyone outside. I’m gearing up for another trip in less than a week and I’m pretty excited for more shorts and bathing suit weather. Wishing you a great week. Happy Monday!

white skinny jeans for spring on prosecco and plaid[one_half]madewell jean jacket and saint james stripe tee on prosecco and plaid[/one_half][one_half_last]madewell jean jacket, white skinny jeans and sneakers for spring styled by jess kirby of prosecco and plaid[/one_half_last]Jess Kirby wearing a madewell jean jacket in newport, ri[one_half]madewell jean jacket white skinny jeans prosecco and plaid newport ri cliff walk-4[/one_half][one_half_last]madewell jean jacket white skinny jeans prosecco and plaid newport ri cliff walk-3[/one_half_last]madewell jean jacket white skinny jeans prosecco and plaid newport ri cliff walk-10[one_half]madewell jean jacket white skinny jeans prosecco and plaid newport ri cliff walk-8[/one_half][one_half_last]madewell jean jacket white skinny jeans prosecco and plaid newport ri cliff walk-7           [/one_half_last]balayage hair prosecco and plaid newport ri cliff walk[one_half]madewell jean jacket prosecco and plaid newport ri cliff walk [/one_half][one_half_last]madewell jean jacket white skinny jeans prosecco and plaid newport ri cliff walk [/one_half_last]balayage prosecco and plaid newport ri cliff walk

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  1. Natali wrote:

    This is a fantastic sporty combo, you’re looking beautiful!


    4.25.16 | Reply
  2. Meghan wrote:

    This resembles my spring weekend uniform! Love it & these photos (as usual) are gorgeous!

    4.25.16 | Reply
  3. Krista wrote:

    Timeless outfit! You look great.


    4.25.16 | Reply
  4. Emily wrote:

    Super adorable outfit! I have been wearing sneakers a lot with my outfits too. It adds a certain level of casual and chic!


    4.25.16 | Reply
  5. Absolutely lovely outfit!! SO cute and simple! XO


    4.25.16 | Reply
  6. Alissa Marshall wrote:

    I’m love the sunglasses! Where are they from?

    4.25.16 | Reply
  7. You look so chic, I love the white jeans

    4.26.16 | Reply
  8. Alissa wrote:

    I love the sunglasses. Where are they from?

    4.26.16 | Reply
  9. Monika wrote:
    4.26.16 | Reply
  10. Maggie wrote:

    I love this look!! It’s casual and nautical – some of my favorite things!


    4.27.16 | Reply
  11. Serein wrote:

    This outfit is so cute! What a great way to wear a jean jacket! You look amazing!


    4.30.16 | Reply
  12. Lidia wrote:

    Absolutely love your outfit! Looks so relaxed and comfortable to wear – just what I need for the weekend 🙂

    5.13.16 | Reply
  13. Elle wrote:

    Such a perfect outfit! Looks so cute. The jacket it links to is different (link has 3/4 sleeve and is baggier.) The tee is different too.

    5.22.16 | Reply

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