When Is Peak Foliage In Vermont?

By Kelley Boymer
12 Jun 2022
When Is Peak Foliage In Vermont?

Vermont fall foliage is a wonder to behold. Gorgeous hues of red, orange and yellow spread across mountains like colorful quilted blankets. Vermont is known for its abundance of sugar maples which flourish during the fall with bright brilliant colors. Vermont has a diverse range of trees and due to the reforestation projects across the state over the last century and protected state parks, it is one of the most forested states in the country.

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Leaf peepers from all over the world flock to visit Vermont in the fall to view its iconic maple leaves turn from their lush green to bold and vibrant shades of orange, red, and yellow. Knowing when the best time to visit during fall foliage can make your trip more worthwhile and memorable. Vermont during the fall is a unique experience that should not be missed!

Here is when to see the best fall colors in Vermont.

When Is Peak Foliage in Vermont?

Early-Mid September

Usually, early to mid September is uk best essays.org too early to see peak foliage most places in the state. Although, if you are visiting closer to mid September your chances of seeing some beautiful fall colors is much higher. The farther north you are in Vermont, the more colorful hues you will see during this time frame. They may not be bright and brilliant at this point but will be beautiful nonetheless.

Your best chances of seeing fall foliage during this time frame are visiting northern Vermont– try the Northeast Kingdom (Peacham & Willoughby State Forest) for gorgeous scenic drives, The Great Vermont Corn Maze in Danville, Lake Champlain, Burlington, Stowe and other towns along the Canadian Border. Visit the lakes to see the reflection of the colorful hues in the water and hike up into the mountains for gorgeous sweeping colorful vista views. Mountains at higher altitude reach peak foliage sooner due to the elevation. Therefore your chance of seeing peak foliage at high elevation like Mount Mansfield and Camels Hump is better earlier in the foliage season.

Mid-Late September

The foliage season in Northern Vermont runs from early-September to mid-October. Peak foliage in northern Vermont, usually falls on the last two weeks of September when visitors can see the whole palette of colors: green, yellow, red, and orange essays services reviews.com. Usually by the last week of September, mid-Vermont is also beginning to peak or nearing peak foliage. Places to visit in mid-Vermont include small towns like Woodstock (check out our post on Best Things to Do in Woodstock Vermont During Fall), Killington and Quechee. Leaf peeping in mid-Vermont is best spent enjoying the Green Mountains by hiking Mt. Tom, visiting the Quechee Gorge and having lunch at Simon Pearce.

Early-Mid October

Early to mid-October is the prime time to see peak foliage in southern Vermont. Try southern towns like– Manchester (check out our guide for 25+ Things to Do in Manchester, VT For Fall), Brattleboro, Bennington and Stratton. The Green Mountain and Taconic Mountain ranges spread across Southern Vermont allowing ample opportunity for hiking and biking amongst the colorful hues! There’s also a good chance that the leaves will still be bright and brilliant in mid-Vermont as well, especially during early October.

Mid-Late October

Unless it is a late season usually mid-to late October is a bit too late to see fall colors reach their peak. In the most southern states of Vermont there may still be beautiful hues in mid-October but usually by Halloween most leaves have dropped, blanketing the ground and leaving us Vermonters with those spooky leafless trees for our winter hibernation.

Regardless of when you come to Vermont during fall foliage it is a beautiful state. Even if leaves aren’t at their peak you will still see colorful displays and gorgeous scenery! Be sure to plan ahead so you can make the most of your fall excursion and try to time it right with peak foliage. Enjoy!

What are your favorite places to visit in Vermont during peak foliage?

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