What’s Sparking Joy Right Now

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By Jess
13 Jan 2021

I’ll be honest, most days I am feeling pretty meh. Some days are good, some days are not at all, but generally I am just not motivated and lack even an ounce of creativity. I don’t need to write out the headlines to remind us all of the collective trauma we are living through so instead I wanted to share some things that are sparking joy for me right now.

I don’t want to make light of what we are going through and the feelings we all have (based on conversations in DMs it’s pretty heavy). In fact I have finally started to just allow myself to really experience whatever emotions are coming up. Instead of dismissing or explaining away what I feel, I just sit with it and let it exist however it needs to. I think it actually helps me process and move through some of the sadness and anxiety a little bit easier. Anyway that’s not what this is about, it’s just some fun little things that are making me happy and I hope bring a little joy to you too. I’d love to hear what’s sparking joy and bringing you happiness too. Please share in the comments. Thankful for all of you.

What’s Sparking Joy Right Now

one. Turning Random Internet Drama Into Songs

This is so goofy and I think originated on TikTok (which I am not on because I just do not need more social media in my life). This musician started turning internet arguments into songs and it’s just good for a laugh. Who knew broccoli casserole could turn into such a good beat?

TWO. Smartless

I actually started listening to Smartless when I discovered their interview with Stacey Abrams (which is great btw). It’s a podcast with hosts Sean Hayes, Will Arnett and Jason Bateman and every episode they have a different guest. The interviews are silly, funny and interesting. I loved their recent episode with Martin Short and hearing stories about his character, some of you may remember from the early 2000s, Jiminy Glick. They have great banter and it’s a fun podcast for something lighthearted.

three. Ben & Jerry’s for dogs

It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of Ben & Jerry’s, their activism as a company is amazing, but I also really love their ice cream. Yesterday, Nora and Fuji were the VERY lucky recipients of a PR package containing their new doggie desserts. There’s two flavors, Pumpkin & Mini Cookies and Peanut Butter & Pretzel Swirls, inspired by their office crew of K9-5ers. Needless to say, we have two four-legged fans in this house.

four. the rhinestone headband

I wasn’t sure where the rhinestone headband would land in 2021. Would people be over it? Was it just a quick trend only to be forgotten like dad sneakers or really tiny purses? Well I am happy to report the rhinestone headband is sparking lots of joy in 2021. I have received SO many photos with beaming smiles rocking the rhinestone headband (getting vaccinated, teaching students, wearing pajamas, vacuuming the house, walking the dog, zoom meetings). Many of you got it for a friend or family member to spread some cheer, some received it as a gift, all are loving the sparkle that it brings to everyday and that makes me so happy.

five. getting outside

This one’s pretty simple, but something that can be harder in the dark days of winter. I’ve really made it a goal to go outside and do something just for fun everyday. We are lucky enough to still have some snow on the ground, so Marin loves to be pulled around in her little red sled giggling and shrieking which always makes my heart so full. We’ve also been cross country skiing a few times. Getting some fresh air and exercise outdoors even when it’s cold has been very good for my mental health. 10/10 recommend.

What's Sparking Joy Right Now

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  1. Melanie wrote:

    News, and life outside is heavy. I wept the other night after seeing ‘Trump’ on a manatee (an animal I love). Unfortunately, my 6 month old and 4 year old were also having rough nights and needed Mama. But I let myself sit in my sadness. I told my 4 year old that Mama’s get sad about the world. She told me she loves me and that i’m the best Mama and that ‘things will be better in the morning’ and yesterday the sun was out (finally…in MN) and my girls were back to their happy selves and i’m just leaning into them and appreciating what a beautiful, fleeting time this is in our lives. And in the back of my head trying to come up with ways I can be more of an activist while also resting in the activism I do in my home, and in my own circle. Also lattes and chocolate spark joy. Always.

    1.13.21 | Reply
    • Jess wrote:

      Sending love to you Melanie. What sweet girls you have, who will become amazing women just like you.

      1.14.21 | Reply
  2. Karen Decker wrote:
    1.13.21 | Reply

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