What You Shopped, Read and Viewed the Most in 2018

I love going back and looking at content from the past year. Honestly, if you had asked me to pick what I thought was the most popular, I would have been way off. I’m going to talk a bit more about it in a blog post in a few days, but this was definitely a year of transition for me. I explored a lot of new topics and types of content. As I get ready to wind down for the year I wanted to share the top performers, from the most popular fashion item to the most viewed YouTube video. So, here’s the best of the best from 2018. Thanks for all your clicks, reads, views and comments this year.


1. How to Pack for 10 Days in a Carry On – My Dad would be so proud. New goal, never check another bag when traveling.

2. Living Room Reveal – Was happy to see this on the list (probably because of our sectional). I’ve made some changes to this space so I’ll share updates in 2019.

3. The Kid Questions – It was really nice to see this post resonate with so many of you. I really enjoyed reading everyone’s comments and personal experiences with this topic.

4. The Newport Guide – Launching this was one of my main goals for 2018. I plan on making a lot of improvements and launching version 2.0 in 2019, stay tuned!

5. My Skincare Routine – Long overdue and highly requested, I was finally able to pull this together and for the most part, it hasn’t changed.

Most Shopped

I NEVER would have guessed, these denim shorts were the most shopped item from 2018. In all honesty though, they are great. I recommend sizing up and keeping wash/drying to a minimum. They get better with wear. The runner up was this Patagonia jacket which I bought this summer and honestly is probably one of my favorite purchases ever (I have it in a small).

Jess Ann Kirby finds her favorite Levi's short styles on eBay


Living rooms and layers were a hit with the IG crowd.

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Truly the most basic tutorial of all time, but hopefully helpful.

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