What We’re Watching: Volume 2

By Caylin Harris
6 Feb 2020
What We're Watching: Volume 2

Winter in New England tends to be cold and long, so we definitely log a lot of couch time until it warms up. But our freezing temps are your gain because we’ve got some great show recommendations for you across a variety of platforms. Here’s a round-up of what we’re watching and loving right now. Oh and if you missed the last one, there’s more of our favorites here. Let us know what you shows you’re loving in the comments!

What We’re Watching: Volume 2


The Morning Show (Apple TV+)

By now it probably seems like everyone is talking about The Morning Show. And honestly, when it first came out I wasn’t that interested in watching it. But we started it one cold, rainy day and then we couldn’t stop. The story is a behind the scenes look at morning television and all of the drama behind it. It pulls back the curtain on sexual misconduct in the workplace weaving in real-life storylines from recent headline-making scandals. The season finale (and the last few minutes of that episode) are not to be missed.

Don’t F**K With Cats (Netflix)

So a friend of mine told me to watch this without warning. I’m going to do you a favor and say, this is tough to watch. I had no idea what to expect when we started this series. And honestly, we almost turned it off a few minutes into the first episode. The story is so wild it’s hard to believe it’s true. Without giving too much away, the true crime series follows two internet sleuths as they work to identify and track down the person responsible for posting horrific videos of animal torture and murder online, only he doesn’t stop at animals. It’s safe to say their investigative work shared through an online Facebook group is what ultimately helped police track down the killer.

Mindhunter (Netflix)

Now in its second season, this Netflix original series looks at how the FBI developed a way to profile and understand serial killers. The series pulls storylines from various real-life events and infamous serial killers and gives an in-depth look at how the modern-day serial killer profile was developed. It’s also a really strong cast with great acting, which makes it hard not to watch an entire season in one sitting.

The Report (Amazon Prime)

This is actually a movie not a series, but worthy of being on this list because it’s so incredibly eye-opening, even for the news junkie who seemingly already knows the story. The Report follows a Senate staffer (played by Adam Driver) tasked with investigating the CIA’s interrogation program after 9/11. He does whatever it takes to pursue the truth. And the result is a shocking report on the tactics employed by the US government while hiding it from the American people.

Barry (HBO)

Ok so for a change of pace, Barry is a dark comedy about a hitman from the Midwest who moves to LA and finds himself trying to leave his criminal past behind. Bill Hader stars as Barry and Henry Winkler as his LA acting coach. The writing is great and the performances are hilarious.

Wanda Sykes: Not Normal (NETFLIX)

This came out last spring but it is truly one of the best stand-up routines I’ve seen in a long time. Craig and I belly laughed our way through the entire show. If you love Wanda Sykes (and maybe even if you don’t), you’re guaranteed laughs during her Netflix special.

Cheer (Netflix)

Craig and I watched this new Netflix original docuseries in two days. It will completely change the way you think about cheerleading. The backstories of the kids featured are heartbreaking and inspiring all at once. That said this article points out one thing that’s hard to miss after watching the show. The brutally physical and dangerous aspects of the sport should not be taken lightly.


Succession (HBO)

Normally I need to have at least one likable character I can root for in a TV show. Succession is an exception to this. The majority of the characters are completely out for themselves (honestly I can’t really think of one character loyal to anyone but themselves) but it’s such an interesting look into the completely messed up dynamics of a wealthy family—and the sacrifices they’re willing to make for money, power, and to stay on top. There’s a lot of WTF moments but they’ll keep you glued to the screen. It also seems entirely feasible that the way this empire is run isn’t much different than the way other big corporations might conduct themselves. Plus, the costume and set design are beautifully done and are oddly soothing amidst all of the drama between characters.

fleabag (amazon prime)

Sometimes everyone is making a fuss about a show for a reason. Fleabag is one of those shows. I will say that I enjoyed the second season way more than the first. On the surface, the whole show is about a thirtysomething making some bad choices and trying to figure out her life. But it’s really about trying to figure out how to be an adult, family dynamics, and how difficult being a woman can be. Start at the beginning, the episodes are short and I think watching the evolution of the character is really valuable. The second season is magic, thanks in part to The Hot Priest—you’ll thank me later.

looking for Alaska (hulu)

I never read the book. I had friends that did and absolutely hated it but I really enjoyed this miniseries adaptation from Josh Schwartz (The OC/ Gossip Girl). The show flashes back and forth in time and hints at this tragic event taking place, which definitely keeps you watching. There’s something really pure and enjoyable about the teenage storylines, the problems and drama seem much simpler than real life, plus the soundtrack is really, really great.

you (netflix)

Sort of a phenomenon, you’ve probably at least seen the memes associated with this show. I wanted to hate it, but I didn’t. It’s completely addicting. Similar to shows like Barry and Dexter, it’s told from the perspective of a guy named Joe who has some illegal and disturbing predilections. Since that’s where it starts, it goes from zero to crazy pretty quickly leading to an insane first season ending. You’d think that a second season is out of the question. But again, totally addicting and completely insane in its own way. It’s a pretty polarizing show. Some people love it and some people hate it, but it’s definitely hard to stop watching.

seth meyers-Lobby Baby (netflix)

I love Seth Meyers’ humor, he’s funny in the same way Ellen is, where it’s his wit and facial expressions not swearing or being overly graphic that incites laughter. Hearing his take on marriage and kids is worth checking out, even if neither applies to you. It was something both my husband and I enjoyed watching together too.

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  1. Shannon wrote:

    Loved Barry!!! Such a good watch!! My husband said the exact same thing about You that it’s a mix of Barry x Dexter. Season 2 & especially the last 3 eps were a willllld ride! We also love Bojack here 🙂

    2.6.20 | Reply
  2. Annie wrote:

    Great list! Also loving Killing Eve and Sex Education.

    2.11.20 | Reply

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