What to Wear to a Fall Wedding

Jess Ann Kirby's fall wedding style in the vetiver plaid maxi dress
A text message over the weekend from my cousin prompted me to pull together a few outfit ideas for fall weddings. They can be tricky, particularly in New England, as some days are in the high 70s but nights are typically chilly. Some of my favorite fall trends, plaid, velvet, and florals, all work well for an autumn affair whether it’s black-tie, cocktail or casual attire.
Jess Ann Kirby wears the Vetiver communication breakdown plaid maxi dress for a fall wedding

Plaid, at a wedding? Yes. This season’s plaids are updated in wearable patterns that are perfect for the next nuptials on your calendar. I paired this plaid maxi by Vetiver with a black turtleneck to up the cozy factor for chillier weather. The lace trim and attached sash that ties at that back make it feminine and flattering. Pair it with faux fur heels and dance the night away.

Jess Ann Kirby styles a plaid maxi dress over a black turtleneck for a fall wedding
The Vetiver communication breakdown maxi dress from Shopbop on Jess Kirby for fall wedding style

There are so many good velvet dresses for fall I don’t even know where to begin. This one by Donna Morgan is definitely a favorite. It’s the most stunning blue and the silhouette is incredibly flattering. Scroll through for a few more favorites in stunning colors for fall.

Jess Ann Kirby wears a Donna Morgan velvet midi dress in navy with heels for a fall wedding
Jess Ann Kirby styles a velvet wrap midi dress by Donna Morgan for a fall wedding
Fall wedding style in a blue velvet midi dress and faux fur heels
Jess Ann Kirby wears a floral velvet slip dress from Anthropologie for fall wedding style

This seasons florals are updated in richer shades that feel very autumn appropriate. I love this dress from Anthropologie for a fall wedding.


Jess Ann Kirby styles a floral velvet slip dress for fall wedding style
Jess Ann Kirby styles a strapless lace jumpsuit for fall wedding style
Jumpsuits & Rompers

Switch it up this wedding season and opt for a jumpsuit or romper. This lace jumpsuit is super comfortable, comes in three colors and has pockets.



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  1. Emily wrote:

    So many incredible options here! Obsessed with the jumpsuit at a wedding, but the velvet and florals are also so stunning. No words for that rose velvet tularosa 🙂

    9.18.17 | Reply
  2. Rach wrote:

    I would have never thought to wear plaid at a wedding but I love that outfit you just put together! The jumpsuit is a great idea!


    9.18.17 | Reply
  3. Vanessa wrote:

    Oh my goodness, that velvet dress is GORGEOUS! Not only does it look incredible on you, it also looks hella comfortable and warm! Very nice. I think I might invest in one x

    9.18.17 | Reply
  4. Shloka wrote:

    I love the idea of plaid and jumpsuits at weddings – it’s such a beautiful twist on a classic!


    9.18.17 | Reply
  5. Mary wrote:

    How I wish I could pull off that plaid dress look! These are some gorgeous options, Jess. I’d love to have them all!


    9.18.17 | Reply
  6. Sharon wrote:

    The velvet dress is my favorite. It also could be worn to a winter wedding because of the sleeves. I don’t love indoor weddings when the weather is still so good but indoor weddings do give a girl a lot more outfit options in the fall and winter. You’ve listed so many pretty dresses, thanks for sharing!

    9.18.17 | Reply
  7. Natali wrote:

    Oh wow, that velvet dress was made for you to wear it and you’re looking astonishing and so feminine in it!


    9.18.17 | Reply
  8. Megan wrote:

    Omg! Just found the Donna Morgan wrap dress on Poshmark for $40!!

    9.4.19 | Reply
  9. I loved all these dresses can’t wait to get married wear such dresses

    11.25.20 | Reply