What I Packed for Florida

Back to life, back to realityyyy. Last night coming out of the airport in my leggings and bare ankles was a RUDE awakening, thanks a lot RI. It was really nice to spend a few days feeling warm, soaking up the sunshine and swimming in a salty ocean. We got pretty lucky with some gorgeous weather in St. Pete and while I was ready to come home I was not ready to leave 75 degree weather. Craig I decided/realized on this last trip that we must love to torture ourselves by living in New England. Anyhoo, I got a lot of requests to share what I packed for Florida, mainly because we fit all of our stuff (yes Craig’s too) in one carry on. It can be done my friends. We ended up cutting our trip short a few days because the rental we had was disgusting (we walked in, turned around and walked out), so we got a last minute room at the Don Cesar which was expensive on top of the money we already paid for the rental (which I’m trying to get back). Just mentioning that to say, what I had packed I planned to have for a week, which ended up being 4 days, but I think I would have been fine for a few extra days with what I brought (though I was anticipating having a washer/dryer). Of course packing for warmer weather is just easier because you don’t need as much. In terms of my skincare I just brought everything travel size (when I travel domestically I never have an issue with liquids at airport security).  I will definitely share a post with everything we did within the next few days, and more photos of what I wore so you can see how I styled everything (majority of the pieces I brought are in my capsule wardrobe). Here’s to counting the days until summer, or maybe not because I just googled it and it’s over 100, UGH.

Jess Ann Kirby wears the Rails Charli linen shirt with denim shorts from Agolde for a long weekend in Florida.
Jess Ann Kirby enjoys the Florida beaches in a Sia bikini and Anthropologie headscarf.
Jess Ann Kirby pairs a Paige silk tank with the Levi's Trucker Jacket for a cool night in Florida.

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  1. Michael @ Mile in My Glasses wrote:

    Love to see what people pack for their trips! I’m sorry your initial rental was disgusting, I hate when things aren’t as imagined!

    Happy Monday!

    2.11.19 | Reply
  2. Rach wrote:

    Love what you packet! Those anthropology chinos are amazing!

    2.11.19 | Reply
  3. Young wrote:

    Thank you for sharing what you packed for your trip! Love that Paige cami.

    The Style Intermission

    2.11.19 | Reply
  4. Richael wrote:

    Loved all your looks, especially the denim pieces in your collection. Totally digging these summer looks!


    5.10.19 | Reply

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