How To Wear A Tunic Sweater
By Jess
24 Jun 2019

I’m so excited to finally share the newly re-designed JessAnnKirby.com. It has been months in the making and I couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out. I owe a massive thank you to Victoria and Lisa who really took my ideas and created something even greater than I envisioned.

I wanted to point out some new features and content types along with a few things that got makeovers with the new design. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about the new site please feel free to leave a comment below or send me an email. I hope you guys love this new look and it makes browsing the site more enjoyable.

Quick Takes

You’ll find a new content feature called Quick Takes on the homepage. These are short posts on a variety of topics that are meant to be quick and easy reads. I think of it almost as Instagram Stories for the blog. Recipes, beauty products and other things I want to share but that don’t require a full blog post you can find in Quick Takes.

Jess Ann Kirby shares her 'quick takes': favorites of the moment in quick posts to read, shop and try.

New Shop Pages

The shop page got a makeover with new dedicated pages for every room we’ve renovated so you can easily find sources for things in The Cozy Ranch. You can also easily shop my Instagram posts and things I share in my Instagram Stories.

Jess Ann Kirby's shop website pages easily allow you to grab her favorite products in fashion, beauty and home decor.

New Categories and Extended Menu

In addition to the new categories you can easily find Click. Read. Love., Essays, and other topics in the extended menu. If you’re looking for sustainability content check out the Wellness Category (some posts may be under Home, for example eco-friendly bedding). You can find all the Capsule Wardrobe content under Style.

Jess Ann Kirby's site offers a multiple of topics, from recipes to essays and travel guides.

Newport Guide

The Newport Guide got a major upgrade. With more content and the ability to cross filter, so if you want to find pet-friendly dining in the summer, you can search for that! There are new places added weekly so check back for updates.

The best guide to Newport, Rhode Island based on the season and all of your personal preferences.

Disclosure: if you buy something through the links on this blog, we may earn an affiliate commission. We only feature products we would personally recommend. Thank you for your support.

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  1. Kathy wrote:

    Well done! I love your new website changes. It looks even more user friendly than before. I’m excited to explore and enjoy these new additions to your blog. Congratulations!

    6.24.19 | Reply
  2. Ashley wrote:

    Jess this is gorgeous! Can’t wait to see all of your new content, and to be able to access your old content still!!

    6.24.19 | Reply
  3. Wow, this new design is beautiful! Such great work!

    I hope you have a great Monday,

    6.24.19 | Reply
  4. Savannah wrote:

    Love this! I think my favorite upgrade is the Quick Takes! I love browsing websites in my down time and the Quick Takes will be great for this.

    6.24.19 | Reply
  5. Congratulations! Victoria and Lisa did an incredible job as always and your vision come to life is beautiful. Great work, team!!

    6.24.19 | Reply
  6. Rach wrote:

    I’m loving the new design! Definitely more user friendly!


    6.24.19 | Reply
  7. cate wrote:

    how pretty! I love the idea of shopping by room – so clear and inspiring.

    Cate // 35mminstyle

    6.24.19 | Reply
  8. Beth wrote:

    So looking forward to enjoying all the new content.

    6.24.19 | Reply
  9. I checked in the other day and got way too excited about the announcement that the new site was coming. I love this new site so much, and I’m glad it still has that calm blue and cozy “Jess” vibe that I’ve always loved. Can’t wait to dig in a little bit more. 🙂

    Love love love it.


    6.24.19 | Reply
  10. Rachel wrote:

    The new website looks absolutely amazing! I love all of the new features, especially the filter feature on your Newport Guide page!


    6.24.19 | Reply
  11. Sarah Willett wrote:

    This looks so great! Love all the updates!

    6.24.19 | Reply
  12. Shannon wrote:

    The new site looks absolutely fantastic!! Can’t wait to poke around and see all the new features… congrats!!! x Shannon • www.essellesse.com

    6.24.19 | Reply
  13. Katie Gill wrote:

    Love the new site! The layout is great!

    6.27.19 | Reply

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