We Got A Hot Tub!

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By Jess
17 Oct 2022
Vita Spa Grand in Vermont

We Got A Hot Tub!

We (finally) got a hot tub. It almost feels like a rite of passage when you move to Vermont, subaru, mountain bike, canoe, hot tub, lol. Seriously though, after our first official mud season last year (it’s rough) Craig and I got in the car and drove to the nearest hot tub dealer. I don’t think I could do another long, cold Vermont winter without one. As are most things with the pandemic, hot tubs are really hard to come by. At least the kind that we wanted (jets, comfy seating, cover with a lift).

When we went to look last spring, almost everything was backordered until January 2023 (at least). Our options were a bit limited, but we settled on a Vita Spa Grand. It fits 6-7 people, has tons of jets and I am not exaggerating when I say we’ve used it almost every day since it was delivered.

The nice thing about our house is we have a big back yard and it’s (mostly) flat.

A lot of the yards around here have tons of trees or are built on a hill. There is a slope where we wanted to put the hot tub, so we decided to hire an excavator to dig out and build a retaining wall. He also built the pad for the hot tub with pavers and buried the electrical lines with a conduit. While he was at it, he put in some drainage along the house to help move water away from the foundation. It was an expense but since we rarely hire contractors for anything I was ok with paying for it. The job would have been a big undertaking for Craig to do on his own (without big machinery).

After the hot tub was delivered we quickly realized we needed more privacy from the road.

Craig decided to build a fence using cedar boards (5/4x8x10). It’s perfect because it gives us total privacy but when you’re in the hot tub looking out all you see is trees and sky. It’s the best of both worlds. It took him about 3-4 days, putting the posts in was a lot of labor. The fence was not cheap because cedar is so expensive right now. Looking back we probably could have picked a different lumber but options were limited and this will last a really long time.

We’ve had it now for about a month and we are VERY happy with our decision. It was an interesting process for us because the work we’ve done on our houses has always been to improve or make updates. This was the first time we spent money on something “just for fun.” We really wanted a hot tub and decided to go for it. It has been a fun thing to have for all of us to enjoy and I can’t WAIT to go out there this winter with snow on the ground after a day on the mountain and look up at the sky while I soak under the stars. That’s Vermont living.

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  1. Lauren wrote:

    Being in a hot tub while it snows, is just so wonderful!

    10.17.22 | Reply
    • Jess wrote:

      Ugh I can’t wait for that!

      10.18.22 | Reply
  2. Mary wrote:

    Are you using chlorine? Any clean alternatives? We have one at our place in vt and my only complaint is the chlorine

    10.17.22 | Reply
    • Jess wrote:

      We decided to go with chlorine. A few friends bought salt water ones and had a lot of problems. We have especially hard water up here which causes more issues. You also still have to use chlorine even with salt water hot tubs. The chlorine really isn’t bad, we add it every two weeks and leave the hot tub open and running for about 30-45 minutes after adding it. We have a maintenance plan so someone comes and does the chemicals and cleans the hot tub for us every month.

      10.18.22 | Reply
  3. Serene wrote:

    Wow looks so nice! It will be dreamy in there while it snows!

    10.18.22 | Reply
    • Jess wrote:

      I can’t wait to be in there when it snows!

      10.19.22 | Reply

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