We Bought A House!

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By Jess
2 Apr 2017

Honestly the reality of it all still hasn’t quite hit me. You may remember in my 2017 Goals post I wrote about how we wanted to buy a house. That was our main goal this year. When I wrote that post, I never thought we would be where we are today so quickly.We started looking very casually last December, and in late January this house was listed. Based on the location alone we were really excited about it, so when we saw the house for the first time it was truly love at first sight. Given Craig’s experience in carpentry and plastering (his job before he came a full time photographer) we knew whatever house we bought we’d be able -and by we I mean Craig- to do a lot of the work ourselves. We saw this house the first day it came on the market and made an offer the same day. Living on Aquidneck Island the real estate market is really competitive, so we feel incredibly lucky to have ended up in this house. We’ve learned a lot along the way so I’ll definitely be sharing our experience as first-time home buyers. We are so excited to take you along on this journey, and to make this house our home. Make sure you subscribe to my Youtube channel to watch the renovations unfold.


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