Ways to Recharge During The Holidays

By Kelley Boymer
28 Dec 2022
Ways to Recharge During The Holidays

The holidays are upon us which is wonderful in so many ways, but it can feel a little overwhelming at times. Although time spent with family and friends can be fun and joyful, it can make you feel drained and burnt out too. If the holidays are leaving you feeling stressed here are some ways to recharge and head into the new year prioritizing your mental and physical well being.

Ways to Recharge During The Holidays

Take Some Time Alone

Family driving you nuts? Take a break. Seriously, no one tells us that it’s okay to take some time to ourselves. So usually the thought never even crosses our mind. Yet, sometimes it’s exactly what we need to stay balanced and content throughout the holidays. There are a lot of ways you can take some time to yourself. Take a nap, read quietly in a room by yourself, go for a walk or run alone, do some yoga, meditate or journal. Whatever it is that helps you reset, is a great way to make time for yourself during the chaos of the holidays.

Plan Time to Reset

If you know the holidays can be triggering and overwhelming for you, then set yourself up for success and plan time to reset. Schedule a manicure or massage during a time or day that allows you to block out some “me time”. This could be prior to traveling or hosting. Or after if you know you are going to need a reset. Or better yet, book it in the midst of the chaos if you can manage, so you have a reason to escape it all for a bit.

Give Yourself Permission Without Guilt

We are all our own worst enemy when it comes to this. How many times have you wanted to do some sort of self-care and then didn’t follow through with it because of guilt? Mom guilt and all kinds of guilt are so real and so hard to avoid. Know that by taking this time for yourself, you will be able to show up as your best self. And how powerful is it to model this for your children or other loved ones in your life? We can help to break the stigma that self care is selfish by modeling how imperative it is for our mental health.

Prioritize Sleep

The holidays often mean late nights out celebrating and early mornings checking off our to do lists. Lack of sleep is one of the number one ways to heighten any sort of negative feelings. It can cause us to lash out on our loved ones, feel drained and create a negative self image. Prioritize getting to sleep early on the nights you can. And sleep in a little bit later if possible. This will help set you up for handling the stress so much better.

Take a Work Break

Everyone has different responsibilities and obligations to work over the holidays. But if you can find time to disconnect do so. It is so important to take this time away to spend with family and friends. This way, when it is time to get back to it in the New Year, we feel refreshed and ready to jump back in. Put up an “out of office” automatic reply and don’t check your email on holidays if possible. It’s amazing what a little time to decompress can do!

Take a Social Media Detox

With extra time on our hands, we often find ourselves picking up our phones and spending hours scrolling on Facebook, Instagram or Tiktok. This doom scrolling often leads to feelings of disconnect, sadness, loneliness and comparison that are not ideal for anytime, let alone a holiday. Plan to take some time away so you can enjoy your family and friends without this silly distraction. Here are some more tips for getting off your phone.

Set Boundaries

We all have our boundaries when it comes to the holidays. And sometimes things get lost in the madness. Decide what is most important to you leading up to the holiday. And talk with your partner, family and friends to ensure you are on the same page. If you want to leave a party at a certain time, make sure this is clear with your family. If you only want to spend a certain amount of money on gifts, have a conversation about this as well. Putting these things out there from the start helps to avoid disappointment or arguments when something comes up.

Just Say No

I know so many people have a hard time with this one. But it is all about prioritizing yourself and your family first. You do not need to say yes to every event over the holidays out of fear of hurting someone’s feelings. Take a look at your calendar and prioritize the things that mean the most to you. Let people know early on if you won’t be making it to their party so they can plan for it as well.

Check In With Family and Friends

If you are struggling during the holidays, know that you are not alone. It is a complicated time for so many people. Oftentimes the overall sense of joy and love in the air makes people feel alone in their sadness or stress. Confide in someone who you love and trust and you may find they share similar sentiments. Also it feels good to check in with others and show them you are thinking of them during such a wonderful season that can also be so challenging for many.

Do Something For Those In Need

Sometimes taking the emphasis off ourselves and thinking of others is a beautiful way to help us get out of a holiday funk. There are so many people struggling in our world. And the holidays is the perfect time to volunteer your time, money or resources to help someone in need. Whether you volunteer at a food shelter, donate to a worthy cause or help organize an event in your area, there are so many things you can do to help those in need.

Reflect On Your Year

The month of December is such a wonderful time to reflect on our year. We often get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and forget how quiet, still and thoughtful December feels as we approach the Winter Solstice and new year. Take some time to contemplate your year. What have you accomplished? What has made you feel most alive? What is missing in your life?

Remember Loved Ones Who Have Passed

When feelings of sadness arise during the holiday season we are often too busy to stop and take time to honor those feelings. The holiday season often brings up old memories and traditions from the past that connect us to those who have passed. It is important each season to take some time to honor and remember those loved ones who we are missing this time of year. Talk with family and friends about these special people–it might help to share those memories with someone who understands or can empathize.

What are you doing to recharge this holiday season? Let us know in the comments below!

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