Vermont Bedroom and Bathroom Addition Design Plans and Inspiration

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By Jess
1 May 2023
Vermont Bedroom and Bathroom Addition Design Plans and Inspiration
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There is no shortage of projects in this house and we are already on to the next one. Just like we did in our RI house, we are converting the garage to a bedroom and bathroom. This new space will be our bed/bath and we’ll turn our existing bedroom/bathroom into a guest room (and probably eventually Marin’s room when she’s older). If you missed it, I shared the dining space in the addition we recently built and I’ll be sharing that entire space (including the living room) very soon!

One question I get frequently is “what will you do without a garage?” We have a shed in the backyard for the lawnmower and snowblower. We also recently renovated the basement and turned an unfinished space into a gear storage mudroom. And we will probably build another shed on the property for our garbage barrels and wood storage, but we can do without it for now.

Craig has already started work in the garage, and is currently building the framing for the subfloor. He’s installed the new windows and replaced the siding on the exterior. Here are more of our plans and inspiration for the bedroom and bathroom addition.

Vermont Bedroom and Bathroom Addition Design Plans and Inspiration

As you can see from the drawing below we have about 330 square feet to work with. It’s less space than we had in Rhode Island but it’s definitely enough for a bedroom and bathroom. At the bottom of the drawing on the other side of the wall behind the wardrobe we were thinking of doing a lean-to shed. I think we’ve scrapped that idea because we decided to add a door to the exterior on that wall. As I was writing this we revised the plan, but it doesn’t change much in terms of the design or layout.

We have a total of four windows. Two in the bathroom (one in the shower and one next to the vanity). Then we have two in the bedroom. This side of the house gets the most sunlight throughout the day so two windows is enough. The wall opposite the bed and the wall the shower is on are both interior walls so we can’t put windows there. We plan to put Ikea Pax wardrobes on the exterior wall on the far side of the bed.

Vermont Bedroom and Bathroom Addition Design Plans

The Bathroom Design

The space for the bathroom is fairly small but we have enough room for a decent sized shower, double vanity and toilet. We will also likely add some built-in storage next to the shower.


I know we want to go with a natural wood look for the vanity but we haven’t decided on light or dark wood. I do love something like this walnut double vanity but I’m also very intrigued by the idea of a floating vanity. And I think I probably need more storage than that but it’s a cool idea.


I have been gravitating towards green tile for the shower and something in a sage or sea foam green color is something we really like. I think a pop of color in the shower would be so pretty. This sage color is really nice but I also like the idea of a more neutral color.


We haven’t decided on flooring yet but we’re definitely going to do tile. I want to do heated floors in the bathroom so I think we’ll do something electric underneath the tile. We might go for a wood look tile in the bathroom but I also like the idea of dark blue with the sage green like this bathroom. I also absolutely LOVE these fern tiles from Clé tile. It could be cool to incorporate a few into a design. This is another one of our favorites and I think would look amazing with sage green.

heating source

We’re going to use runtal baseboard heating in the bathroom under the window. In the bedroom we’ll also do runtals under the windows and a mini split on the wall.

Vermont Bathroom Design Inspiration
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The Bedroom Design

In the bedroom we have two windows. The spacing between them is enough to fit a Queen bed so we are debating going with that instead of a King. If anyone has switched from a King to a Queen let me know!


We haven’t decided on the walls yet but I’m debating between venetian plaster like we did in the living room, or shiplap. I like the idea of painted shiplap too.


In the bedroom we’re going to continue with Sawyer Mason flooring to match the kitchen and living room. Craig is building up the subfloor to match the level of the kitchen floors so it will be continuous.


We’ve had such great experiences using the IKEA Pax Wardrobe that we plan to use them again in the bedroom. We will probably do several on the exterior wall and some additional on the interior wall. I want to maximize storage space so I can keep my entire wardrobe in one place instead of having to bring my winter clothes into the basement.

This week we’re working on scheduling plumbers to do the rough-in and the electrician to do the wiring. I’ll share more updates as we go!

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  1. Jennifer wrote:

    My spouse and I have in a queen bed since we started dating until 22 months s ago (so 30 years total). Got a king 20 months ago and I will NEVER go back. Quality sleep has evaded me for 5 years leading up to this switch and I think it had more to do with him and his sleep issues than me. Space is good!! (I will say, the first 25 years in the queen bed were fine.)

    5.7.23 | Reply
  2. I adore that you informed me about this article since I think it’s amazing. That is exactly what I was hoping to discover, and I sincerely hope you will continue to share such excellent stuff in the years to come.

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  3. I have a question. There’s a bathroom photo with a floating vanity that says image via Eva Holbrook. Do you know what the tile is on the shower walls?
    Thank you.

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