Click. Read. Love. 8.30.19

I honestly can’t believe it’s already Labor Day weekend. While part of this summer felt like it dragged on forever, in the scheme of things…
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My Favorite Things from March 2019

Despite March being kinda the worst month ever, it flew by, how is it already mid-April? It wasn’t all terrible though, and these were some of the highlights. Here are some of my favorites from last month.
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My Favorite Things: February 2019

Happy Spring! It sure does sound like it, but it definitely doesn’t look like it. Barcelona was so nice because it was true spring-like weather and sunny everyday. A little later than usual, but wanted to share my favorite things…
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The Great 8: January

This series is really starting to grow on me. There’s just so many things I want to share with you guys, things I’ve read, watched, skincare products I’ve tried, clothing I can’t stop wearing, but there’s only so many hours…
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