Treat Yourself to My New Favorite Bra this Holiday Season

I have been on the hunt for a good bra for so long now I forgot when I started looking. A few people had actually told me about ThirdLove so when I got the opportunity to collaborate with them I was really pumped. I’m just not really into bra shopping in a store which is probably why it’s been so long since I’ve bought any new ones. The awesome thing about ThirdLove is not only that they help you find the perfect fit (I discovered I’ve been wearing the WRONG size this whole time) but you can try before you buy. And if you don’t like it, you can send it back, no questions asked. I ended up buying two additional bras after I first tested out the t-shirt bra for this collab because I loved it so much. While I was waiting for my new bras to arrive, Fuji chewed up my t-shirt bra (bad boy) which is why I didn’t get to photograph that one (but this is the one I had, I just ordered it again). I thought I’d try something different, so I got the balconette and the lace t-shirt bra and honestly I love them both. They are SO comfortable, super flattering, and don’t show under your shirt. Consider me a convert, these bras are the real deal and they also have a huge range of sizes. You also save if you buy more than one bra (up to $40). I never thought I’d be the type to wear a lace bra but ThirdLove is a game changer. If you guys try them out let me know, I want to hear what you think!

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The lace balconette bra comes in three colors. I went with black but I really love every shade. The lightest grey is perfect for lighter blouses and white tees.
Jess Ann Kirby wears the Thirdlove lace balconette bra and ripped jeans at home
Jess Ann Kirby hangs out at home in a Thirdlove bra and AYR jeans
Jess Ann Kirby shares her favorite bras from Thirdlove
Jess Ann Kirby wears her Thirdlove balconette bra with a white tee
Jess Ann Kirby styles AYR jeans and a simple white tee with her Thirdlove bra
Jess Ann Kirby gets comfortable at home with a chunky knit sweater and white tee
Jess Ann Kirby shares her new favorite lace t shirt bra from Thirdlove

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  1. These bras really are so pretty but I tried it and had to send it back twice as the sizing just was not correct. I don’t know if it’s because it was a strapless. Maybe I would have had better luck with a regular bra? But I was just aggravated at that point so I didn’t bother for a third time. Maybe I will try again in the future.

    12.21.17 | Reply
  2. Sam wrote:

    So my bra came in the mail today….O M G! I’m one of those people who literally right when I walk in the door my bra hits the floor, I didn’t want to take off this t-shirt bra. I’ve put this bra in my cart a few times but never bought it, your post is honestly what sold it to me! Thanks!

    12.27.17 | Reply

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