Top 5 Denim Shorts

How To Wear A Tunic Sweater
By Jess
28 Apr 2023
Jess Ann Kirby pairs cut off shorts with an oversized Sezane sweater for the Fourth of July
sezane knit and agolde dee Denim shorts

Summer is coming, and that means denim shorts weather. It felt like the perfect time to update my round up of my top 5 denim shorts. The number one thing I look for is comfort, there is nothing worse than stiff, tight denim, especially on a hot day, no thanks. What I love about all of these pairs is they get better every time you wear them. Some of them feel like that pair you’ve had forever right away, and a few others take a little breaking in but are worth the wait. One thing I’d recommend for pretty much all of these is to minimize washing. The more you wear them, the more comfortable and molded to your body they feel. One thing is for sure, I can not wait for shorts weather.

Top 5 Denim Shorts

Top 5 Denim Shorts
Top 5 Denim Shorts

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  1. Nice post! Denim is always the big thing!

    8.13.18 | Reply
  2. Lynn wrote:

    I want you to k ow that after seeing those shorts , tops and bags, I have the blue 525 Sweater, the Brown Tote, and the Straw tote!
    Lol. xo

    1.20.20 | Reply
  3. Sophia Ivancich wrote:

    I just found this post through Pinterest and ordered the Levis right away, I can’t wait!

    2.29.20 | Reply

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