These Food Pouches Are The Ultimate Time Saver

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When I quickly realized that I definitely did not have time to make all of Marin’s food I tested out some food pouches, and her favorites were all from Happy Family Organics. Needless to say I was pretty thrilled when they reached out to partner for the launch of their Stage 2 Regenerative & Organic Pouches made with ingredients grown to help reverse climate change. They also have a partnership with Terracycle so you can recycle the pouches and caps!

These last few weeks they have truly been an absolute lifesaver while Craig is up in Vermont and I’ve been on my own with Marin and the dogs. I am EXHAUSTED at the end of the day and it’s so easy and convenient to have the Happy Baby Organics Stage 2 pouches on hand. I bring them with us on walks too so we can explore longer without having to rush home for lunch.

Regenerative & Organic agriculture is really incredible and essentially takes farming back to its roots, applying principles that help reverse climate change, such as using cover crops, composting, and creating pollinator habitats. The new Stage 2 pouches feature these ingredients and they taste yummy too (at least according to Marin).

Have questions about feeding? Happy Family Organics has a free online chat run by a team of lactation consultants and registered dietitian nutritionists who can provide personalized help and answer questions related to lactation, formula feeding, and starting solids. It’s available seven days a week and there is no sign-up required. Wish I had known about it when we were starting solids!

The Stage 2 Regenerative & Organic pouches are now available at Target in 3 flavors: Apples, Kale & Oats; Pears, Squash & Oats; and Apples & Carrots. Marin loves them all!

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    Marin is pure deliciousness!❤️

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