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The Miimo

16 Sep 2019

At the beginning of the summer Honda Power Equipment reached out about trying their Robotic Lawn Mower the Miimo. Since we have a fenced yard with minimal obstacles that’s fairly flat we wanted to give it a shot. One of their technicians came to the house to help us set it up, which honestly was fairly easy and seamless. Once it was up and running we basically just let it do it’s thing and we were blown away by how well it kept our lawn looking perfect. It was super easy for Craig to figure out how to change the settings so the mower could run more or less frequently throughout the summer. Craig never had to cut the lawn ALL summer. Last year there were times he had to do it twice a week because it was growing so fast. Our house guests definitely got a kick out of seeing the lawn mower go out on it’s own to mow the lawn. It’s been almost 4 months since we first had the Miimo installed and we’re so happy with how easy it made lawn care this summer. Honestly the best part is that there’s no noise pollution! It’s so quiet you wouldn’t even know it’s running. Learn more about the Miimo here. Thanks to Honda Power Equipment for giving us the Miimo to experience for ourselves.