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By Jess
1 Dec 2016


I feel my best when my skin looks its best. Growing up, my friends would joke about my “routine” at night because I had so many specific skincare steps, but that focus on my skin came from my Mom who always taught me to take good care of it. Each season presents different challenges for maintaining healthy looking skin and winter, for me, is the most difficult. I’m constantly battling drastic temperature changes, dryness in the air, a crazy busy schedule, increased travel and a lack of sleep. This year, I’m excited to #ShareBeauty by partnering with Shiseido to give the gift of beautiful skin (for myself and my Mom).


 For my Mom this year I’m treating her to some of Shiseido’s best products to fight aging and keep her skin looking youthful and healthy. My Mom has amazing skin, honestly it looks better than mine! So it’s rare that I can even find products she hasn’t tried or treat her to something she doesn’t already have. I not only picked a few products I know she will love, but I am using furoshiki to make her gift a bit more special. Furoshiki is a Japanese wrapping method utilizing re-usable materials like fabric to wrap gifts. It’s a way to show the person receiving the gift you’ve put extra care and thought into it. I’m talking more about furoshiki below but first I want to share the products I’m giving my Mom.


The BENEFIANCE Balancing Softener is a great product to kick-start your routine. It has wrinkle-smoothing ingredients like hyaluronic acid to improve the look of wrinkles and removes barriers on the skin to help it better absorb products which enhances their effectiveness. The BENEFIANCE WrinkleResist24 Eye Mask is the perfect quick fix for the eye area. Formulated with pure retinol to enhance it’s anti-wrinkle benefits it’s a great product for travel. My Mom has to travel a lot for work so this is a great option to throw in her carry-on and use after a flight. To help treat wrinkles around the eyes I picked BENEFIANCE WrinkleResist24 Eye Contour Cream which helps improve moisture and firmness. My Mom LOVES her eye creams and this is a nice one to use morning and night.


As I mentioned earlier, I want to #ShareBeauty with my Mom and add a special touch to her gift by doing something a bit different, furoshiki. A Japanese wrapping method that uses fabric instead of wrapping paper,furoshiki is environmentally friendly (you’re using something that can be used again and again). It’s also a way to show how you can put extra thought, care and attention to detail into everyday living.


Since some of my most prized possessions from my Mom are silk scarves, I decided to use two of my favorite scarves to wrap her gifts. Admittedly I was really intimidated to try this method of wrapping but it was surprisingly easy and fun. I’m tempted to use furoshiki on all my gifts this year. You can see below the methods I used, the two knot carry wrap and the four tie knot.


Feel free to get creative with it and make it your own. While I used simple knot methods with both of the scarves you can do something a bit fancier. Scroll down to see the simple steps for furoshiki and to learn more about the products I’m using from Shiseido to take care of my skin this holiday season.


The three products I’m loving from Shiseido are from the IBUKI line, the Gentle Cleanser,  Sleeping mask, and the Multi Solution Gel.


The IBUKI Gentle Cleanser is just that. A soothing cream that lathers into a soft foam and helps strengthen your skin’s resilience to combat all the external factors (like stress, lack of sleep, bad diet) that lead to skin issues like breakouts, dryness and uneven skin tone. The best part of my nightly routine is washing everything away and feeling how clean, soft and smooth my skin feels.


I follow the Gentle Cleanser with the IBUKI Sleeping Mask. It’s a leave on mask (you sleep in it) that goes on like a gel and leaves you with plumped, hydrated skin when you wake up. If you struggle with your skin when you travel this mask is a must. I always put it on at night before bed after a flight because it’s creamy and soothing. It’s amazing the difference in my skin when I wake up in the morning.


I don’t break out often but I do occasionally get a stubborn pimple, particularly when my skin gets dehydrated or I’m not eating well. The IBUKI Multi Solution Gel is an absolute lifesaver. You can put it on under or over your makeup (as the last step in your routine) to get rid of a breakout, definitely great to put on at night if you feel a pimple coming on. I’ll certainly be bringing all of these with me on my trip to Europe next week. I will definitely need the mask after a 7 hour red-eye flight to Amsterdam. Would love to know if any of you use Shiseido products and if so which ones? I’m always looking for good product recommendations!

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  1. Marta wrote:

    Those seem like amazing products! I’m always looking for products to make my skin better but it’s hard to find products for my skin because I not only have combination skin, I also have acne prone skin and I have a bunch of acne scars. My skin is a mess so it’s always hard to find products for it but I’m gonna look more into Shiseido, they seem like a great brand.

    12.1.16 | Reply
    • Jessica wrote:

      They are really nice. I have more dry skin so I have the opposite problem, but the cool thing is you can find products based on specific issues, acne, oil-control, etc. so I definitely recommend checking them out!

      12.1.16 | Reply

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