The Best Mountain Bike Trails in Woodstock, Vermont

By Kelley Boymer
24 Jul 2023

Vermont is an outdoor adventurer’s haven and Woodstock is abundant with opportunity for all the outdoor adventure you can imagine. Known for its picturesque landscapes and outdoor activities, Woodstock is a great place to visit to experience the best in hiking, biking, skiing and beyond. We are so fortunate in this area to have a network of mountain biking trails that are free and open to the public.

Planning to mountain bike while you are in Woodstock? We are sharing the best mountain bike trails in and around Woodstock so you can make the most of your adventure! Help support the trails and mountain biking in Woodstock which are all free by becoming a WAMBA member.

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The Best Mountain Bike Trails in Woodstock, Vermont

Mt. Peg

Situated on the outskirts of Woodstock, Mt. Peg offers over 3 miles of scenic trails that are suitable for an epic mountain biking enduro-style ride. The trails wind through forests and provide beautiful views of the surrounding area. Some sections might be more technical, so be prepared for varying levels of difficulty. Definitely for the more experienced biker, Mt. Peg is a bit more rugged than Saskadena with more narrow trails. Be sure to check out the Knox Meadow Skills Park with all sorts of fun features for all abilities. In the winter, Mt. Peg trails are open for fat biking. Mt. Peg trails are free to use.

Trail Map and Info

The view from top of Mt. Peg

Saskadena Six

Located in South Pomfret, just a few miles from Woodstock, Saskadena Six is a ski resort that offers mountain biking trails during the summer months. The trails range from beginner-friendly to more advanced options, catering to riders of different skill levels. The flow loops at Saskadena Six will keep you both on your toes and having fun. Bike rentals for both Saskadena Six and Mt. Peg can be acquired through the Woodstock Inn and Resorts Activity Center. Open June through October and trails are free to use!

Trail Map and Info

Woodstock Aqueduct

The Woodstock Aqueduct Trails in West Woodstock is a 9 mile network including a pump track, ramps, and flowy trails for beginner to intermediate bikers. For those looking for something a little more accessible and easy-going, The Woodstock Aqueduct Trails are a great intro to mountain biking. In the winter, these trails are open for fat biking. Woodstock Aqueduct trails are free to the public.

Trail Map and Info

The view at Woodstock Aqueduct Trails

Green Mountain Trails

Although not directly in Woodstock, the Green Mountain Trails are worth mentioning as they offer a fantastic mountain biking experience. Situated in Pittsfield, a short drive from Woodstock, this trail system features over 25 miles of trails with varying difficulty levels, including flowy singletrack and technical sections.

Trail Map and Info

Ascutney Trails Association

About 20 minutes outside of Woodstock, lies an incredible network of mountain biking trails in Brownsville, Vermont on Mt. Ascutney. With over 35 miles of mapped and marked trails, Mt. Ascutney is a mecca for mountain biking in the area. The trails throughout Mt. Ascutney and the Windsor area include a range of levels for both beginners and experts with flowy, fun and challenging rides and beautiful vista views.

Trail Map and Info

Remember to check local regulations, trail conditions, and obtain any necessary permits before heading out. It’s always a good idea to consult local biking clubs, outdoor retailers, or online communities for up-to-date information on the best trails and current conditions in Woodstock, Vermont. Many of the local trails are maintained by local clubs (WAMBA-Woodstock Area Mountain Biking Association) and bikers.

Make sure to be respectful of the trails and considerate of those who have worked hard to maintain them. Although you can ride many of the local trails for free they rely on donations to keep them maintained. Consider donating to help keep Vermont’s mountain biking trails in mint condition!

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