The Benefits of Heating with Propane

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By Jess
4 Feb 2021
The Benefits of Heating with Propane

One of the most exciting things for me when we bought the Vermont house was the propane fireplace. Having grown up with wood burning and then using a pellet stove in the RI house, I was SO relieved to have something that turns on with the flick of a switch. Especially in a place where winter is long and cold and I knew we’d be using it a lot. The house also has a propane powered generator. So if we ever lose power we have a great back-up system to keep our major appliances and heat running.

As all of you know, sustainability is really important to us and we are always looking for ways to reduce or minimize our environmental impact. So today I am partnering with the Propane Education & Research Council to share some information about propane as a clean energy source and the benefits to using it in your home.

The Benefits of Heating with Propane

Propane is non-toxic, so it won’t contaminate soil or groundwater, making it safe to use. It’s a clean and environmentally friendly energy source that produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions than electricity. It can actually help reduce your carbon footprint using it at home. Because it’s portable and can be stored on site, you don’t have to worry about interruptions because of severe weather. Our propane tanks are stored outside near the side of our house. My Dad also recently converted his house from oil to propane and stores the tanks in the backyard of his house.

I love that our propane fireplace has the warmth and flicker of a real flame without the soot or ash to clean up. It makes our living room look and feel so cozy and it’s super easy to use. I always get questions asking if it’s a wood burning stove because it looks just like one. It also heats our entire first floor so it’s incredibly efficient. The fireplace makes the space such a nice place to gather and spend time together as a family. It is definitely Nora and Fuji’s favorite place to curl up.

Whether you’re looking for home heating, hot water solutions, a generator or even outdoor grills, propane is an excellent option that’s safe, environmentally friendly, cost effective and can help you reduce your environmental impact. Have other questions about propane? Let me know in the comments.

Thank you to the Propane Education & Research Council for sponsoring this post.

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  1. Becky wrote:

    I would love to install a propane fireplace. So cozy. ?

    2.4.21 | Reply
  2. Lindsey wrote:

    I would love to learn more. How is it installed, cost, etc. we’re debating adding in a wood stove now, perhaps this would be a better option?

    2.5.21 | Reply
    • Hi Lindsey! Great questions! We invite you to explore more on our website,, to learn about available options. Best of luck on your future fireplace! 🙂

      2.10.21 | Reply
  3. It’s great to know that propane is safe to use because it isn’t toxic, meaning it won’t contaminate the soil or groundwater. My mom plans on having a lakeside house built this year. If she proceeds with this plan, I’ll suggest we use propane heating for the new house. Thanks.

    2.10.21 | Reply
  4. It was lovely to know that since propane is non-toxic, it would not contaminate soil or groundwater. The farm would benefit from using propane gas for heating and cooking then. My dad makes a living using the land, and I am sure he would appreciate using something that doesn’t contaminate it and the water around it.

    2.25.23 | Reply

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