Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas

By Caylin Harris
11 Nov 2019
Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas
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By contributor Caylin Harris
Thanksgiving dinner is like a marathon. Only it takes place in my house and doesn’t push me to a physical breaking point—so maybe not so similar—but what I’m trying to say here is that it’s the biggest cooking event of my year. Unlike a casual dinner party, I spend weeks prepping for the big day. As a seasoned pro, I can confidently tell you that now is the time to start thinking about your table decor.

I started decorating our Thanksgiving table when I was five and look forward to it each year, obviously getting better at it over time, I’ve come a long way since I made those turkey napkin rings out of paper towel rolls. What I’ve learned in that time? Plan ahead. Find some images to inspire you and add or subtract from that. Combine elements from two different looks or try your hand at recreating one whole table set up, but have fun with it. Here, I’ve collected a few different style tablescapes that are sure to leave you inspired!

Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas

tablescape one: Colorful & Glam

There’s no rule that your Thanksgiving table has to be done up in fall colors like brown, orange, and yellow. Let it reflect your personality instead and have fun with it. Bold, bright, and non-traditional, the floral arrangements steal the show here. Shades of blush work really well with wispy, dried pampas grass. White and gold flatware, delicate wine glasses, and gold-rimmed plates all feel elevated without being over the top, natural elements also add balance. If you wanted to up the fall feel add in some white pumpkins. A beautiful table is a beautiful table, do what makes you feel good.

Tablescape two: Simple & Understated

There’s nothing classier than a color palette of black and white. Simple matte black plates and utensils make an ideal base for toppers of dried bits and bunches of cotton while working all year round too. Instead of rustic centerpieces, these plate toppers let you keep food on the table to be served family-style. A soft blush napkin warms up the entire look. For an added hit of texture, a table runner that’s slightly bunched and imperfect would work best.

Tablescape Three: Minimal but bright (Top photo)

A little amount of work but it makes a big impact, this table works well if you don’t want to spend on florals. You can forage the dried bits from outside then place them into small amber bottles or any other vessels you have on hand. Work in some shimmer by adding metallic candle holders. Drilling small holes into pieces of birch act like a natural floral frog where you can stand up more dried pieces and then add in hits of colors from dried Billy balls (otherwise known as Craspedia). Customize the look to your preferences but all of these little elements work together to make a big impact.

Tablescape four: Goth with Gold

Set the table with a darker color scheme. There’s something so magical about black taper candles. The deep tones combined with dried bunches of hydrangea or other clustered dried flowers like Queen Anne’s Lace look stunning with rich reds and olive greens from other dried branches. Bright white anemones with their black centers offer up some stunning contrast. Gold vessels and candleholders warm up the whole look.

tablescape five: Blush and drama

Never underestimate the power of really tall tapered candles, they’re thin enough to allow for conversation to easily pass through them while still making a statement. These blush versions work well with the same shade runner and the matte gray plates that all feel minimal and understated. Thick cloth napkins offer texture on top of the plates while little floral bits add some color. Since the tapers feel so dramatic, it’s nice that the rest of the table remained somewhat minimal. Glints of gold in the candlesticks and the utensils help warm up the entire table.

Whatever you decide, have fun with it! For more inspiration explore our Thanksgiving tablescape inspiration on Pinterest.

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  1. Rach wrote:

    These tablescape ideas are beautiful! I’m hosting this year so I need all ideas!

    11.11.19 | Reply
    • Caylin Harris wrote:

      Good luck and have fun with it! Thanks for reading.

      11.11.19 | Reply

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