Tarotstrology: Sagittarius Season Tarotscopes

By Janine Mulone
21 Nov 2020
Sagittarius Season Tarotscopes

When I inevitably get sad that the sun has started to go down before I’ve even decided what to make for dinner, I like to remind myself it just means more moon time! More time to rest, more time to slow down and check in with what I need to feel good, less pressure to push the pedal to the metal, ya know? Lean into that slower pace, I can safely say after this year, we deserve it.

Sagittarius Season Tarotscopes

Below you’ll find a mini reading for each sign that takes into account 3 cards for your Scorpio season (November 23 – December 22):
1. Temperance
2. The Major Arcana card your sign rules
3. An intuitive pull – just like in a reading with me – for each sign

In Tarot, Sagittarius rules Temperance – the 14th card of the Major Arcana. This next month or so, we are being asked to have patience with the process, trust in co-creation, and remain calm, even in the face of stress or struggle. It’s a great time to work on loving detachment towards the things we can’t control – draw a line between how you can actively contribute to the change you desire and then step away.

Sagittarius — Temperance

10 of Wands RX

Challenge yourself to lighten the load you’re carrying, Sagittarius. Sometimes when we are so deeply “in” the work, the growth, the granular, we forget to lift our heads and acknowledge just how far we’ve come. Make time this month to check in – How’s your head? How’s your heart? If you can’t adjust your to-do lists, maybe it’s time to adjust your expectations.

Sagittarius rules Temperance, a card that teaches us about co-creation and alchemy. 

Capricorn — Devil

Four of Swords RX

Rest is not the enemy, Capricorn, nor is it just another task to cross off. Do you notice yourself resisting the idea that you can take a break? Or asking yourself if you “deserve” it? Well, this month is a reminder that those moments of a slower pace are critical for you to hear yourself better – to be connected with your intuition, your self-compassion, your truest priorities.

Capricorn rules The Devil, a card that teaches us about addiction and liberation. 

Aquarius — The Star

The Magician

Perhaps this is the sign you’ve been looking for, Aquarius. The Magician is an expert at using what is at their disposal, not awaiting some perfect tomorrow or plan. At the risk of sounding cheesy, the universe has your back – if there’s a risk you’ve been considering, particularly in love or creativity, know that your vulnerability will be rewarded.

Aquarius rules The Star, a card that teaches us about healing and nonconformity. 

Pisces — The Moon

The Sun

Time to shine, Pisces. This slower pace suits you and allows you to consider all the ways you’re ready to express yourself. Whether you’ve already begun the process or have been working through some fears or imposter syndrome, this month is inviting you to be bold, be brave and most importantly, allow yourself to be seen.

Pisces rules The Moon, a card that teaches us about our inner depths and wildness. 

Aries — The Emperor


Release, release, release, Aries! Your harmful expectations, the stories you have about self-worth, the shame or blame about where you “should” be versus where you are – it’s time to release the grip they have on you. Easier said than done, but start by noticing and challenging the pressure that you put on yourself to constantly perform, and do so perfectly.

Aries rules The Emperor, a card that teaches us about power and personal sovereignty. 

Taurus — The Hierophant


Speak, dream and act with conviction, Taurus. There’s a wave of confidence this season for you and that will likely show up in you allowing the process to unfurl as it will – there’s no rush, there’s no pressure, there is only divine timing. Now, this may be a new sensation for you, but never fear, this cool, calm and collected energy suits you well.

Taurus rules The Hierophant, a card that teaches us about truths and spiritual insight.

Gemini — The Lovers

Ten of Pentacles RX

What’s that quote about finding happiness where you are, Gemini? Whatever it is, you’ll be experiencing it IRL. Allow yourself to drink it in and remember, feeling abundant and grateful doesn’t mean you’ve lost your edge or your drive. In fact, it’s a time to center what *really* matters to you as a way of reimagining what makes you feel “rich”.

Gemini rules The Lovers, a card that teaches us about balance and harmony.

Cancer — The Chariot

Ace of Cups RX

Your emotions bring inspiration and information, Cancer. With a slower pace this season, it’s time to greet them with curiosity. If you weren’t rushing to overcome, hide or judge your feelings, what map could they be drawing for you? This goes beyond “follow your heart” – you’re learning to work with, not against, your human-ness.

Cancer rules The Chariot, a card that teaches us about alignment and forward momentum. 

Leo — Strength

Nine of Swords

Where can you find strength even in your worry, Leo? Showing yourself compassion and understanding in moments of fear, doubt, anxiety, I would argue, is one of the most powerful things we can do. Meet yourself where you are – if your thoughts are spiralling, invite yourself to make some tea, release the pressure to simply “get through it”. 

Leo rules Strength, a card that teaches us about resilience and vulnerability. 

Virgo — The Hermit

Three of Wands

What comes next, Virgo? You’re ready for your next adventure, and you’re getting more comfortable with the idea of it presenting itself organically. This is huge growth! That being said, the subtle hints – the things that pique your curiosity, that you feel eager to explore, that you feel called to create are a beautiful place to begin.

Virgo rules The Hermit, a card that teaches us about going within and pacing ourselves.

Libra — Justice

Knight of Pentacles

Keep your head down, Libra. Methodical, consistent and thoughtful action is the name of the game. While that may not feel like the most ~inspiring~ season, there’s an opportunity for you to notice your relationship to procrastination, hustle and distraction and a chance to remind yourself just how magical and powerful your focus can be.

Libra rules Justice, a card that teaches us about equality and, well, justice. 

Scorpio — Death

Six of Wands

Recognize growth and success in yourself, Scorpio. Whether you’ve been celebrated by friends, family or colleagues or not, it’s important to look in the mirror and say “Great job, babe!” Put yourself out there, share your successes, and hold your head up high – you are worthy of admiration and that boost will buoy you to keep going.

Scorpio rules Death, a card that teaches us about impermanence and rebirth. 

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