How To Wear A Tunic Sweater
By Jess
12 Dec 2014

plaid skirt, buffalo plaid, cross body bag, cable knit sweater, talbots, classic style, new england, prosecco and plaidplaid skirt, buffalo plaid, cross body bag, cable knit sweater, talbots, classic style, new england, prosecco and plaid plaid skirt, buffalo plaid, cross body bag, cable knit sweater, talbots, classic style, new england, prosecco and plaid IMG_9528 plaid skirt, buffalo plaid, cross body bag, cable knit sweater, talbots, classic style, new england, prosecco and plaid


As you probably know by now, on Monday I leave for Paris (I can hardly believe it myself!). I’m not quite finished packing but I am beyond excited for this trip. One thing my Mom and I plan on doing a lot of is walking. All the tourist books and travel articles I’ve read basically say the same thing, there’s nothing like walking the streets of Paris. So most importantly, whatever I pack needs to be warm, comfortable and chic. I love this plaid skirt, sweater and ankle boots from Talbots because it covers all of that, and is versatile enough to wear different ways during my trip. I absolutely fell in love with this skirt from the moment I saw it, obviously because it’s plaid, but also because it’s classic and at the same time modern, which to me is one of the best thing about Talbots. I was first introduced to the brand years ago by my Great Aunt and Grandmother, but it wasn’t until recently that I really fell in love with the brand. Maybe partly because many of the things I find there remind me so much of my late Great Aunt, but also because there are so many pieces that have that classic feel with a modern twist. These plaid trousers I wore a few weeks ago are a perfect example. When I posted that outfit my cousins and Aunts remarked about how much it reminded them of old family photos of our Grandmother and Great Aunt. There’s something so special about wearing clothes that evoke strong emotions and memories in you. And while the pants nor the skirt were handed down to me, they remind of the style and the women that continue to inspire me.


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  1. Natali wrote:

    Beautiful outfit, you look fantastic head to toe! This skirt is something I’ve been looking for to add to my closet!

    12.12.14 | Reply
  2. Kiara King wrote:

    Woah, you’ve styled that amazing skirt to absolute perfection! You look amazing!

    Have an incredible time in Paris! xx

    12.12.14 | Reply
  3. Love this look! You’d look perfectly at home in Paris wearing this! So jealous, but I’ll be there in 4 months so I can be patient!

    12.12.14 | Reply
  4. Ashley wrote:

    This outfit is absolutely stunning and just perfect for the holidays! You somehow made a traditional plaid feel fresh and cool!

    12.12.14 | Reply
  5. perfect session
    beautiful pics

    12.12.14 | Reply
  6. Mish L. wrote:

    Stunning as always! I am in love with the red lips especially it goes well with the plaid skirt. I adore your knit sweater it’s really cute ^^

    12.12.14 | Reply
  7. anna wrote:

    this is a cute look for the season

    12.12.14 | Reply
  8. Perfect look for the season. You look fantastic!

    12.13.14 | Reply
  9. Alex wrote:

    Lovely look for the holidays. That skirt looks divine on you!

    12.13.14 | Reply
  10. Anna wrote:

    I love the whole ensemble and you look amazing!

    12.13.14 | Reply
  11. Mai Tran wrote:

    The Christmas decoration in the background is fabulously vintage!

    12.14.14 | Reply
  12. CD wrote:

    I like that sweater a lot.

    12.15.14 | Reply
  13. Diana Corlett wrote:

    Very stylish! Love the plaid skirt…the red and black are eye-catching to say the least.

    12.15.14 | Reply

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