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Sun Kissed Summer Makeup

7 Jul 2021

I’ve been trying some new beauty products for summer and wanted to share a few I’m really loving. I totally get the hype about the MERIT makeup. It’s very lightweight and feels like nothing on the skin. The colors are gorgeous, natural and buildable. This was my makeup from yesterday, and you can also see a video of the application here. I’m a huge fan of anything creamy and sheer. I don’t want it to look or feel like I’m wearing a lot of makeup, these products are great for that. Here is how I got this look (the video can help with seeing the steps, I wanted to post here so I can share shades, etc).

Step 1. Mix a pump of Saie Glowy Super Gel (Sunglow), with a pump of Saie Sunvisor. Apply to face. I like to use my Artis brushes to blend my makeup it makes it look so much more flawless (I used Oval 6 & 7 for this look).

Step 2. Apply Saie Sun Melt (light bronze) on cheekbones. I like to blend with my Artis brush and then use any leftover on my forehead, nose and jawline.

Step 3. Apply MERIT Flush Balm (Beverly Hills) on cheeks. I love this product it’s so creamy, light and buildable.

Step 4. Apply MERIT Day Glow Highlighting Balm (Bounce) on cheekbones, lids, above upper lip.

Step 5. Apply MERIT Complexion Foundation and Concealer Stick under eyes (Bisque).

Step 6. Brush brows with MERIT Volumizing Eyebrow Pomade Gel (wearing blonde but I need brown).

Step 7. Apply Ilia mascara.

Step 8. Apply MERIT Tinted Lip Oil (Au naturel). This is really creamy and not sticky at all!

Sun Kissed Summer Makeup

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  1. smash karts wrote:

    Oh, is this product really that great? If so, I will buy a set for my wife but I don’t know where to buy it? Can you give me the addresses of some reputable stores?

    7.27.21 | Reply