It’s Time to Step Up Your Sneaker Game

Happy first day of Spring. I honestly didn’t realize this was the case until I saw a post somewhere on Instagram but I don’t think this outfit could be any more perfect to celebrate it’s arrival. You’ve probably heard me talk about Allbirds before, I got a pair for Craig and I over the holidays and we both love them. I wore mine all over Europe because they are seriously so insanely comfortable. I’m not a huge fan of socks, particularly with sneakers, so the fact that you can wear these without socks is a major bonus in my book. They’re made of wool, and to be totally honesty I was really skeptical of that at first. How can wool be soft, comfortable, and not make your feet sweat? Apparently merino wool wicks moisture and regulates temperate, so it’s the perfect material for sneakers. The coolest thing about Allbirds though, aside from the fact that they’re super comfortable and stylish, is you can try them out for 30 days and return them, no questions asked if you don’t like them! I already have the gray so I thought white would be the perfect color to try for spring. I love them with these raw hem skinny jeans and a stripe tee. If you’re looking for a cute sneaker that’s as comfortable as it is stylish give them a try and let me know what you think. Oh and they’re under $100 so, yay!

This post is in partnership with Allbirds.

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  1. I recently stumbled upon these – I need a pair, they look SO comfy!

    Pink Champagne Problems

    3.20.17 | Reply
  2. caroline wrote:

    BIG fan of upping the sneaker game- esp a fresh pair of white kicks!
    x0x0 Caro

    3.20.17 | Reply
  3. Natali wrote:

    I’m loving laid back, sporty combos like this one! Your sneakers and top are so great!

    3.20.17 | Reply
  4. Emily wrote:

    I love this outfit so much! Also, these sneakers are incredible. Based on your post earlier in the year I picked up a pair for my husband as a gift. He absolutely adores them and wears them non stop. Now I’m thinking I need to invest in a pair too! Just deciding what color 🙂


    3.20.17 | Reply
  5. Belinda wrote:

    This is my first comment, but I’ve been following along here for a while – wanted to say that I love this outfit! It’s the perfect blend of east coast prep and Parisian chic. Definitely going to check out the Allbirds (sneaks that can be worn without socks?! Amazing!)

    Happy first day of Spring!

    3.20.17 | Reply
  6. Lyddiegal wrote:

    These sneakers sound fabulous – I’m not a big fan of socks either so it’s nice they took that into consideration! The clean white is perfect for spring.

    3.21.17 | Reply
  7. Mikie wrote:

    So how do they fare sockless? I’m a bit of a sock hater and always on the lookout for sneakers that are comfortable without socks. They look amazing!

    3.1.19 | Reply
    • Jessica wrote:

      They’re great without socks

      3.1.19 | Reply

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