How To Wear A Tunic Sweater
By Jess
14 Jan 2015

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Ok so chic may be a bit of a stretch when it’s 14 degrees out, but there are some things you can do to dress warm enough for below freezing temps without looking like the Michelin man. If we’re being honest, I’m lucky if I last more than 5 minutes outside in the winter, I’m that girl that’s ALWAYS cold (even in the dead hot, humid heat of the summer). But, the reality is I’m forced to go outside between the months of November and March so I have a few tricks to stay warm without completely sacrificing style.

1. Long Johns: Not sure if that’s the proper term but any top of long underwear will do. My Aunt got me a pair of silk long underwear a few years ago for Christmas and I literally wear them almost everyday in the winter. They are a little tricky under skinny jeans, but under any other types of jeans or trousers they will keep you toasty and they are thin enough that they don’t add a bulky layer.

2. Turtlenecks: Whether it’s a sweater or a top, having that extra bit of coverage around your neck makes a HUGE difference. This turtleneck sweater I got from Nautica (on major sale) is actually men’s but it’s super cozy and warm. I ordered the small and it’s just a little oversized but not so big that it looks frumpy. J.Crew and Nordstrom have great turtlenecks too.

3. Cute hats: Ok so guilty as charged I’m a repeat offender of not wearing a hat, which is ridiculous because it’s basically the best way to stay warm. I do have a few that are personal favorites though. The fur pom pom beanies this season are super cute and cozy. And my standby  is a fur trapper hat.

4. Cashmere: Never underestimate the power of cashmere. It’s lightweight, soft AND warm. And if properly cared for will last you a lifetime.   Oversize cashmere scarves are my go-to because you can wrap yourself up indoors as well if it’s chilly or drafty. I just stocked up on a ton of cashmere sweaters from the J.Crew sale (get an extra 40% off w/ code SHOPNOW). Cashmere lined gloves are also a must.

5. Long wool coats: I have a plethora of these in my closet. Anything that hits at or below the knee is ideal. That extra leg coverage goes a long way trust me. Check local vintage stores, some of my favorite coats are wool mohair coats from the 60s  and 70s that I snagged at the consignment store near my apartment, and they are also super warm. ASOS also has a great selection of warm wool coats and free shipping.

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  1. Natali wrote:

    Cute hats and coats as well as scarves would be my advices too! 🙂

    1.14.15 | Reply
  2. amy wrote:

    Cute coats! I love them all, but I fear they would still be impractical in Northern Wisconsin where Parkas are a must. However, I have never tried a wool coat, so maybe they are as warm as a parka.

    1.14.15 | Reply

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