Snow Gear for Toddlers

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By Jess
17 Oct 2023

I realize that the sight of snow might be triggering for some of you. Is it bad to confess it makes me excited? I am all about a snowy winter, and even though it’s still very much fall, I can’t help but think about that first snowfall.

While we still have some time (I think) before then, I’ve learned from years past that I’m better off preparing sooner rather than later. I have had such a hard time finding good quality toddler snow gear (in the right size) if I wait too long. We spend so much time outside in the winter, and as the saying goes, “there’s no bad weather, only bad clothes.”

We really make an effort to get outside as much as possible in the winter, and Marin LOVES the snow. As long as she has the right gear she can last a pretty long time and it makes the experience much more enjoyable for everyone. Last year in particular we really dialed in on the gear and for all of you prepping for a cold and snowy winter ahead, here’s my round up of the best snow gear for toddlers!

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Snow Gear for Toddlers


Patagonia Hi-Loft Sweater Hooded Jacket

This jacket is a total game changer because it’s super warm but it’s lightweight and it’s not stiff so she can easily move around. I sized up so she has a little room to grow but it’s not overly big. I typically layer this over a base layer and a fleece shirt or light fleece jacket.

Kuling Snow jacket

I’m a big fan of this brand and have been so impressed by their snow gear. I got this as Marin’s ski jacket this year. It has fully taped seams, water and dirt repellent and is made with recycled materials. The fur trim on the hood is detachable.

Cat & Jack reversible puffer jacket

This reversible puffer jacket is a very budget friendly option that has a super soft and cozy fleece lining. I got the rainbow print for Marin to wear at school when it’s chilly but not quite frigid, snowy Vermont weather yet.

Snow Pants/Bibs

Kuling snow pants/bibs

I was so impressed with Marin’s Kuling snowsuit last year I decided to get her the bibs this year. They go outside almost everyday in the winter at school so she needs something she can easily put on herself. These are really good for layering and she has to option to wear without her jacket if it’s snowy but not too cold. They’re wind-proof, dirt and water repellent, adjustable, and have detachable foot loops to help keep them over their snow boots. They’re also made with recycled materials.


Kuling Snowsuit

I got Marin the Kuling snowsuit last year and I can not say enough good things. Price wise it’s comparable or less expensive than many other brands (and on sale right now) but the quality is excellent. Aside from the fact that they have tons of adorable colors and prints, it’s SUPER warm, water and dirt repellent, fleece lined and made with recycled materials. All she needs under this is a light base layer. She can also put this on herself. The fur hood is also removable. Here is the size guide. Sizing is fairly generous, I did size up for Marin but she’s tall. You can go with regular size and still have room to grow.

Base Layers

reima wool base layer set

I took a chance on this set and ordered it last winter. I was worried the wool would be itchy but it’s super soft and Marin LOVED it. It’s actually made with wool and bamboo so it’s soft on the skin. Great quality, washed well and ran a tiny bit big so should (hopefully) fit again this year. It’s on sale in slightly larger kids sizes here.

L.L. Bean fleece long sleeve set

This fleece set actually tends to be too warm under a snowsuit but it’s a really cozy option to wear in the winter either around the house or out doing things when we don’t need a full snowsuit.



I just ordered these mittens for Marin to use at school because they’re easy to get on and super warm. They have a fleece lining, velcro closure at the wrist and size zipper for easy on/off. They’re also an amazingly affordable price point. These are also made with recycled materials.

Burton Toddler Mittens

These mittens were the best find two years ago. They have a very convenient zipper that goes all the way down to the thumb so it’s easy to actually get your toddler’s hands in the mitten. They’re long and have a velcro closure so you can put them on first before you put on their coat, and they stay on. Most importantly they’re super warm and perfect for snow days and the mountain. These always sell out!


UGG kids rennon II boots

I got these boots for Marin to wear now while it’s cold but not snowy yet. Someone mentioned to me that their toddler wore them in the snow and winter, but for now they’re comfy, warm, keep her feet dry and easy for her to put on herself. She also insists on wearing pink and purple so they fit the bill, ha.

See Kai Run Gilman Waterproof Insulated Boots

I got these snow boots for Marin last year and she wore them everywhere. I can only assume they’re very comfy which is why she loves them, and she can easily put them on herself so that’s a win in my book. They’re specifically designed to promote healthy foot development in kids. Waterproof and very lightweight too.


Smartwool Socks

I ordered a bunch of Smartwool socks for Marin to wear when we’re doing anything outdoors. The only downside is they don’t have a grippy bottom so they can’t really be worn on hardwood floors indoors. But for keeping feet super toasty outside on cold days they are great.


Skida neckwarmer

Made in Vermont! These are great for keeping face and neck warm with a super soft fleece lining. These are nice and thick too. Marin loves these because she can match with me. Machine washable too.

turtle fur balaclava

For mountain days or when it’s really frigid I put her in this balaclava under her helmet or with her jacket hood up. It’s fleece lined so super soft and warm.


Carhartt Toddler Beanie

You can’t beat the price on the Carhartt Toddler Beanie and Marin wore hers all winter. Very warm, great quality, stretchy and not itchy. Comes in a bunch of really cute colors too.

kids burton burke hood

This fleece hood is great because it comes in a regular fit or an over helmet size. Much warmer than a hat on its own, it’s soft and cozy and also makes it easier to take off (with a helmet) if your kid gets too warm.


Smith Glide MIPS Helmet

I have the adult version of this helmet and it so warm and comfortable. What I like about this one is the sizing is adjustable so you can get the perfect fit. We can also take the lining out for warmer weather and Marin wears it as a bike helmet.


Smith Rascal Goggles

These are a great affordable pair of goggles for toddlers. If it’s super snowy or windy these are a must.

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