Simple Ways to Savor the Last Weeks of Summer

By Kelley Boymer
7 Sep 2023
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Though must of us are already back to school and starting with our new routines, the seasonal shift is still happening. With summer coming to a close in two weeks, for some of us there comes a creeping sense of panic. Have we done enough? Maybe we’re just not quite ready to let go fo summer, maybe we’re wishing we just had a little more time. Summer is fleeting and this can leave us feeling pressure to make the most of it.

Allow yourself to take some time to savor the end of a season and shift into a new one. You can savor the end of summer in a mellow way amidst the overwhelm and stress of back to school and the changing of seasons. Log off and tune in with any of these simple ways to savor summer that will ease you into fall feeling ready for change.

Simple Ways to Savor the Last Weeks of Summer

Eat Dinner Outside at Home

This sounds so simple, yet we so often get stuck eating our meals at the same kitchen table each and every day. Take advantage of those last days of summer and bring your meal outside. Set up a picnic on your lawn or put table settings on outdoor furniture. The cooler evenings of late summer are beautiful for throwing on a sweater and not having to deal with pesky bugs. Maybe have a bonfire and play some fun summertime playlists. Make s’mores with your kids and soak up the fleeting days of summer. Make it fun and celebratory.

Go For a Swim

Soon our ponds, rivers and lakes will be frozen over, so take time now to enjoy the beautiful feeling of an invigorating and refreshing dip in the water. Water is so therapeutic and can be so helpful for mental clarity. If you are feeling a little out of sorts with the change in seasons ahead, take advantage of a fresh body of water to swim, feel weightless and relax.

Enjoy a Sunset

There is nothing quite like the sunsets of summer and we so often miss them, because we are too caught up in our daily schedules. Let go of your nightly routine and enjoy a few sunsets from some of your favorite spots– or try a new one! Take a hike, go for a drive or simply walk outside your door and take a few moments to breath in that beautiful setting sun. Not to mention, the symbolism of closure and the end of one day or season with a new day and season ahead.

Go Stargazing

Another wonderful way to gain some perspective is to go stargazing. We often forget how small we are in the grand scheme of it all. Simply looking up into the night sky with the billons of stars above can help put us back into perspective. It is such a relaxing and meditative activity that will leave you feeling more grounded and connected to the world around you.


Speaking of grounding… Grounding or earthing is simply connecting to the earth either barefoot or laying down. While it may seem ridiculous that we have had to come up with a term and activity for something that was once so innate to us, it has actually proven to be so beneficial. It can help to connect to the world around you, bring a sense of calm and peace and even help with anxiety and mental health. Give it a try before the earth is too frozen and snowy.

Take a Day Trip to the Ocean

For us Vermonters, getting in our summer ocean fix is so vital. Whether you’ve been to the ocean yet or not this summer, taking one last day trip to the ocean might help bring some closure for you. Take a refreshing dip in the salt water, say goodbye to the ocean and have your last beach hurrah of the season. Day trips are great because you can plan them on a whim and they are fairly inexpensive without the cost of a hotel.

Eat Ice Cream

Eating ice cream is a classic summer pastime. There is nothing better than a creamy cone on a hot summer day. Get all of your ice cream fixes in now before the crisp temperatures of fall and winter arrive! Maybe try a new flavor or stick to your favorites.


If you are feeling bittersweet about the end of summer, try journaling to explore some of those feelings and maybe bring closure to your summer. Allowing yourself to process these thoughts and emotions will allow you to better release the season passing and embrace the one approaching. Ask yourself, what was special about this summer and what you’re feeling you’ve missed out on. Write about the season coming and what feelings you are having about that. Explore those feelings and what you can do to help provide some support and ease into things. Here are some journaling prompts if you need a starting point.

Make a Scrapbook or Album

A scrapbook is such a lovely visual to bring your summer to a close. Make prints of your favorite summer memories to capture some of the sweet memories you want to remember forever. We quickly forget all the joyful memories we’ve created when we begin to feel uncertain about the future.

If the thought of making a scrapbook sounds more like your nightmare, don’t stress. There’s tons of companies that make is easy to print pictures or an album right from your phone. Get some photos and put them on your fridge. It doesn’t need to be a huge project, whatever is easiest and helps you capture some of those memories.

Clear the Clutter

Usually as fall approaches many of us feel this urge to clean and declutter our lives. This may mean physically cleaning your house and getting in those neglected nooks and crannies or maybe it means organizing your finances and planning for the months ahead. Having less clutter in your physical space can help clear your mind too.

Buy Seasonal Flowers From a Local Florist

Late summer flowers are some of our favorites: sunflower, hydrangea, dahlia, coneflower, stonecrop and zinnia to name a few! These flowers have such beautiful color and make our homes feel inviting, warm and welcoming. Treat yourself to some fresh seasonal flowers from your favorite local florist to enjoy displayed on your dining room table or kitchen counter.

Eat Fresh Seasonal Fruits, Veggies and Produce

Don’t let those last days of summer slip by without enjoying delicious, fresh local produce. Eat all the fresh tomatoes, corn, greens, squash, zucchini, cucumbers and more (why not try this salad recipe). Not to mention late summer berries and apples are soon to come.

Summer is a beautiful season and it’s not over yet! Enjoy the fleeting days of summer with outdoor picnics, watching the sunset, stargazing and enjoying the plentiful seasonal bounties. Embrace the beauty of the final days of summer and opportunity for reflection and new in the coming season.

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