Simple Updates to Refresh Your Home

By Kelley Boymer
7 Feb 2023
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This time of year can be tough for so many of us. The winter blues hit and the cold weather keeps us cooped up in our homes. We can start to feel sad, quite literally many struggle from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and we all need a little something to get back on track.

After taking down the holiday decor, our homes can it feel a bit bleak and blah. Simple updates to refresh your home are a great way to distract and uplift when we’re feeling a little down or even just bored. There are so many great ways to refresh your home that don’t break the bank, but make your space feel more cozy, fresh, and joyful during these cold, dark winter months.

If you’re looking for some simple ideas to freshen up your home, today’s post is just for you! Looking for more affordable home decor ideas? Check out these great home decor finds from Target.

Simple Updates to Refresh Your Home


One of the easiest ways to freshen up a room, try rearranging some pieces in your home. It is amazing what a few small shifts in your home like moving furniture around or changing up pictures on the wall can do to transform your space. Rearranging is a simple update to your home that costs nothing and can make it feel fresh and new!

Bins & Baskets for Organization

I love a good organizational basket scheme. Making your space both functional as well as visually appealing is so important. You don’t want to feel a sense of clutter or unease when you enter a room and organizational systems like baskets and bins are a great way to achieve a more calm, balanced space.

We use baskets for everything in our home from mudroom organization for hats and mittens to playroom toy organization to bathroom toiletry organization. Pick a basket set that matches your room, we love neutrals, and use them to organize the clutter in each space.

Target is great for baskets and bins. We love this set for our living room, but there are so many to choose from so pick sizes and colors that work for you.


Adding a fun new lamp to a room is a great way to freshen up your home. Make sure the lamp is the right size for the table and space and the colors go well with the other decor in your room. Sometimes overhead lights are too bright and lamp lighting can be so pretty and gentle, especially for these dark, winter months! Use soft, yellow bulbs for pretty mood lighting in your living spaces. Jess loves her Montreal Wren table lamps. They are a great size for side tables and end tables. The Project 62 Collection from Target also has both modern and practical pieces.


Rugs bring so much warmth to a space and it is always fun choosing different colors and patterns to brighten up a room. We are going to be converting our guest rooms downstairs in our home into a toddler room and guest room/yoga studio and we are planning to get Jess’s favorite Target rugs, which are also a favorite amongst our family and friends. They are affordable, come in great patterns and colors and easy to clean. A practical option, these waterhog doormats come in fun colors and designs.

Update Your Bedding

We spend almost half of our life in our beds, yet it is often the place we give the least amount of love and attention when it comes to updates. Maybe your sheets are getting weathered or the colors or patterns you chose for bedding years ago just aren’t doing it for you anymore. Update with some fresh, new sheets and a comforter set that makes you feel cozy, warm and content. Check out this post on Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Bedding for Every Budget.


Curtains are also a fun accent piece to refresh in your home. You can stick with neutrals like cream or beige or try something bold like a navy or fun pattern. It might be just what your space needs to feel more alive! We love all the colorful options from Spoonflower for kids rooms and spaces!

Blankets & Throws

We simply could not do without our blankets and throws during the cold winter months. They bring so much warmth and coziness each night as we cuddle up to watch a show or movie. It is important to have blankets and throws that feel extra cozy and warm to you but also look pretty when folded on your couch or stored in a basket. Decide what type of blanket you enjoy most– what weight do you like? What materials feel good on your body? Then pick some pretty patterns or shades to match your couch. Blankets and throws are an investment you will make use of day after day. Jess loves her ChappyWrap blankets because they are cozy, come in pretty prints and colors and are pet friendly. Target also has some great affordable throw blanket options.

Accent Pillows

Accent pillows are another special way to bring color and fun into your space. Some like positive phrases, others like neutrals or bold colors and patterns. See what your space is calling for and find something that suites your taste. I love these poppy flower pillows from Spoonflower. There are so many pretty floral patterns to choose from if you are looking for a pop of color in your home. Target also has some really cute throw pillows, especially this block print lumbar style.

Framed Artwork & Photographs

Adding a beautiful painting or framed photograph can bring so much life to our indoor spaces. Maybe you have family photos from a photo shoot that you have been meaning to order framed prints from–pick three photos and hang them along a wall in your home.

Another idea is to create a gallery wall with a mixture of different sized and shaped, framed artwork. Use natural elements like plants, flowers, animals and landscapes, to bring life into your home. Jess has a beautiful gallery wall in her home that you can use for inspiration.

Maybe you have a favorite local artist that you have been dying to buy a piece from. Find a space in your home that needs some art and choose your piece. Pick artwork that brings a smile to your face and makes you feel calm and joyful. Some of our favorite local artists are JJ Overstreet (one of our close friends!), William B Hoyt and Kitty O’Hara. Or support a local artist in your area!

Dried Flowers and Vases

Having fresh or dried flowers in your home can bring about such a wonderful feeling of life, love and joy. I always love dried lavendar for it’s calming scent, and this is especially nice in the kitchen or bathroom. Use a favorite vase or buy a new one and fill it with your favorite bouquet of tulips or dried florals. Sometimes this is a nice accent piece above the sink or on the kitchen table. It’s amazing what a few flowers can do for your state of mind! Something like this Trunk Vase and Bouquet Set from Farmhouse Pottery would look beautiful in any home!

Or better yet, work with what you’ve got! Forage outside for berries and evergreens and make a pretty arrangement in a favorite vase. Look for ideas for DIY winter floral arrangements on Pinterest!

Candles & Incense

Candles and incense are another simple and affordable way to add a pretty scent and feeling of warmth into your home. I love to stock up on all sorts of candles, especially during the winter months. I will light them in the morning during my yoga practice or while I work at my desk during the day and at night while eating dinner, reading or watching TV. It’s such a relaxing practice and always brings me comfort and joy. The candles from Brooklyn Candle Studio are a favorite! Fern and Moss is a great scent for any time of year. The Follain No.2 candle is one of Jess’s favorites too.


Wallpaper is such a fun way to update a room. Make it a DIY project and use peel and stick wallpaper to redo an entire room or just pick an accent wall. This is a fun project for kids rooms or office spaces that bring a little more life and fun to the space. We love the fun, colorful options on Spoonflower!

What simple updates are you making to refresh your home? We would love for you to share in the comments below.

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