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By Jess
22 Jun 2016

Summer beauty updates prosecco and plaid


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Simple Summer Beauty Swaps

Just as you switch out your skinny jeans for sundresses, the same must be done for your beauty products as the weather gets warmer. By swapping out some powdery basics for creamy alternatives, you can get one step closer to that dewy, fresh faced, “I woke up like this” look. Summer is all about simplifying and letting your natural beauty shine through, so let’s toss our heavy foundations together and get glowing, shall we?

Swap: Thick Cream for Breathable Moisturizer

It’s so important to stay hydrated as the seasons change, so make sure you are drinking lots of water and keeping your skin happy with a light breathable moisturizer. No one likes a flakey face, especially when applying creamy products that (ideally) should blend naturally into the skin. Toss your heavy, greasy cream and opt for the Glossier Priming Moisturizer– it’s affordable and absorbs quickly, giving your face a velvety finish, and leaving you primed for your beauty routine.

Swap: Face Powder & Thick Foundations for a BB Cream

Don’t get caught sweating off your foundation. Instead opt for a BB Cream that moisturizes and absorbs like a second skin. Get more bang for your buck by choosing one that works as more than makeup, by reducing the appearance of pores and fine lines. The Radiant Complexion Beauty Balm from Stowaway does all of the above, and is also pint sized and perfect for summer travel (TSA approved!).

Swap: Heavy Concealer for a Buildable Cream

Choosing a light buildable concealer gives a more natural look and lets you control color and coverage. I’m assuming you’re a bronzed goddess this time of year and hardly need any coverup at all– but even if it’s a Venti kind of morning, you can always layer it on. I apply the Glossier Stretch Concealer or the RMS “un” cover-up  beneath my eyes and on any problem spots with my fingers– I love both because they don’t crease or disappear during the day.

 Summer beauty updates prosecco and plaid-2

Swap: Powder Blush for Cream Blush or Blush Oil

Same goes for powder blushes– ditch um’ and go for a cream or the latest rouge innovation, a blush oil. Stowaway has some beautiful colored creams that also double as lip tints for the lazy (me!). Smile and blend a tiny bit into your cheeks for that just pinched kind of glow. If you’ve never heard of a blush oil, try one from Milk. Roll it onto your cheeks and blend with your fingers to deceive your friends and family into thinking you’re all natural.

Swap: Lipsticks & Glosses for Tinted Lip Balm

Instead of laboring over lipsticks, try a tinted lip balm for summer. The Glossier Cherry Balm Dot Com gives your lips a reddish tint and tastes just like you would imagine the cherry chapstick from Katy Perry’s song. The balm also doubles as cuticle cream and a quick fix for any dry areas that are in need of instant moisture. If a colored tint is not your thing, try the Lip Enhancing Balm by Arrow, it nourishes and subtly enhances your natural lip color.

Swap: That Mascara You Bought Last Year, For A New One

Bad news guys– That mascara you bought 6 months ago? It’s definitely expired and starting to dry out. Typically a mascara is only good for about 3 months so toss your tube and try something new. The Stowaway Extreme Lash Mascara is perfectly portioned so that you don’t waste any when the product expires. The formula is creamy and dreamy to mitigate clumping and add length for days.

Summer beauty updates prosecco and plaid-3

As you clean out your cabinet to make space for the items that lend to a dewy new you– remember to dig up that SPF (try this!) and always apply a layer beneath your moisturizer to protect your mug. When you are getting ready during the summer months, remind yourself that less is more and try to go as natural as possible. I hope these simple swaps help you stay baby faced and beautiful – and maybe even buy you some time in the morning to eat breakfast.

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