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Sézane Colette Marinière

24 May 2021

Happy Monday. We have gone from cold, miserable spring to hot and sunny summer real quick and it has been so nice to enjoy getting dressed and being outside. I’ve pretty much lived in dresses or denim shorts lately. When I posted these photos with Hunter I got a lot of questions about the top, so I wanted to share my thoughts on the style and sizing for the Sézane Colette Marinière. Unlike my Saint James Meridien Breton (styled here) which fits like a slouchy cotton sweater, it’s more of a shirt. It’s a bit more straight and fitted, even when sizing up (I have it in a medium). The length is regular, not too long or cropped, and it’s a thicker weight made with 100% organic cotton. After washing, it holds it’s structure a bit more than the Saint James Breton. It’s a great style to have in the summer and use as a light layer if it’s breezy, perfect for beach days or boat rides on the water. I love it with denim shorts, white jeans or trousers, or over my shoulders with a simple dress. The buttons on the shoulder are a nice detail too.

Wearing: AGOLDE Dee Shorts (sized up), Sezane Colette Marinière (sized up), Converse All Stars

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  1. Rach wrote:

    100% agree with you the colette marinere. I have that top too and it’s been one of my favorite striped shirts. I love that it is slightly thicker and holds its structure.

    5.24.21 | Reply
  2. The shirt you’re wearing is one of my favorites when it comes to striped tops. I appreciate that it is somewhat thicker and keeps its shape.

    6.22.22 | Reply
  3. gailsalmon wrote:

    It’s a great photo. I also want to apply this style for smash karts.

    12.5.23 | Reply