Tarotstrology: Virgo Season Tarotscopes

By Janine Mulone
22 Aug 2020

Anyone else feeling a little crispy? We burned hot during Leo season, and Virgo is here to invite us to slow down. In a world with divided leadership (if any at all) Virgo and The Hermit empower us to set our own pace and reconnect with our inner compass – something I know I’m in desperate need of right now. What could we uncover if we focused on what was right in front of us instead of 10 steps ahead? How rich with wisdom would we find that we already are?

Below you’ll find a mini reading for each sign that takes into account 3 cards for your Virgo season (August 22 – September 22):

  1. The Hermit
  2. The Major Arcana card your sign rules
  3. An intuitive pull – just like in a reading with me – for each sign

In Tarot, Virgo rules The Hermit – the 9th card of the Major Arcana. This next month or so, we are being asked to regard our inner wisdom, pace ourselves and take things one step at a time. May this restful season give you the opportunity to see that slow and steady can bring change too.

Virgo — The Hermit

Four of Wands

Find something to celebrate, Virgo! Despite it not being the best of times, it’s a powerful tool to remember how to identify things – big or small – that bring you joy. How can you commit to setting a pace that allows you to notice and bathe in those feel-good moments?

Virgo rules The Hermit, a card that teaches us about going within and pacing ourselves.

Libra — Justice

Seven of Swords

Keep your eyes on your own paper, Libra. If you find yourself in a comparison trap or a “should” spiral, take a deep breath. It’s normal to measure ourselves against others (even our past selves), but the only way to make aligned progress for you is to grow your own way. Consider removing the apps and people who give you that “less than” feeling.

Libra rules Justice, a card that teaches us about equality and, well, justice. 

Scorpio — Death

Ten of Wands

Do you believe you have to do it all alone, Scorpio? If so, this is the month to ask for help and consider the question “how simple can it be?”. While you *can* handle quite a bit, it’s not sustainable and all signs point to you needing rest and recuperation. There are no extra points for exerting yourself.

Scorpio rules Death, a card that teaches us about impermanence and rebirth. 

Sagittarius — Temperance

Nine of Swords

Tend to your worries, Sagittarius. When anxiety, fear, and uncertainty arises, it’s natural to think we can ignore it. This season, take the time to care for the part of yourself that feels unsure – validate its existence and uncover what it has to teach you. Try not to abandon yourself in moments of unease.

Sagittarius rules Temperance, a card that teaches us about co-creation and alchemy. 

Capricorn — Devil

Wheel of Fortune RX

Catch your breath, Capricorn, you only have to care for the here and now. How can you make space for dreaming without feeling the need to make it reality immediately? Or if that desire comes no matter what, can you resist it? Your ambition is admirable, but grass doesn’t grow faster by pulling.

Capricorn rules The Devil, a card that teaches us about addiction and liberation. 

Aquarius — The Star

The Empress

Honor yourself with rest, Aquarius. You are in a season where a lot of feelings and experiences may be bubbling to the surface – let them. The more space you can give yourself to journal, go for walks, literally take a nap, go to therapy, the better. While it may not “look” like work, it certainly is.

Aquarius rules The Star, a card that teaches us about healing and nonconformity. 

Pisces — The Moon

Knight of Pentacles RX

Don’t overthink it, Pisces. You’re ready to make some changes – to recalibrate where you’re headed – and you know it’s the right move. That being said, change is scary, especially when it may not be what’s expected of you. Be gentle with yourself, but try to take the first step. The relief will be worth it.

Pisces rules The Moon, a card that teaches us about our inner depths and wildness. 

Aries — The Emperor

Queen of Pentacles RX

Are you avoiding self care, Aries? Repeat after me: Requiring rest does not make me weak. Remember that you, too, are nature and in order to bloom and flourish, we all need a quiet season now and then. Investigate where the story came from that told you that slowing down on occasion was optional.

Aries rules The Emperor, a card that teaches us about power and personal sovereignty. 

Taurus — The Hierophant

Six of Swords

Talk it out, Taurus. While you tend to be very decisive, sometimes even you need a second opinion. Find a friend who’s thinking you trust and ask for a bit of their time. Hash things out – look at all sides, investigate pros and cons, bounce ideas off of each other. You’ll find the clarity you’re looking for without getting lost in your own head.

Taurus rules The Hierophant, a card that teaches us about truths and spiritual insight.

Gemini — The Lovers

Seven of Cups

If it isn’t a hell yes, it’s a no, Gemini. It may feel like you’re overwhelmed with options, ideas, paths forward, but if none of them give you that giddy “this is it” feeling. Wait for what does. Just because you’ve been presented with choices, doesn’t mean you have to pick from what’s available.

Gemini rules The Lovers, a card that teaches us about balance and harmony.

Cancer — The Chariot

The High Priestess

Tune in, Cancer. If you’ve been spending too much time doing and not enough time reflecting, you’re likely feeling pretty crispy at the moment. Knowing which direction to move next requires you to reconnect with yourself, and I’m sorry to say that doesn’t happen by accident.

Cancer rules The Chariot, a card that teaches us about alignment and forward momentum. 

Leo — Strength

5 of Cups

Notice your emotions, Leo. When you have been burning too brightly, and start to feel bitter, disappointed, less-than, it’s time to unplug. Start to identify when you are slipping into burn out and take a step back. At that point, pushing through is not an option and only leads you further out of alignment.

Leo rules Strength, a card that teaches us about resilience and vulnerability. 

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