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By Jess
8 Jan 2016

Prosecco and Plaid San Francisco City Guide

What better way to kick of 2016 than with another one of my Travel Guides. In less than a month Craig and I will be heading to San Francisco and embarking on a 10 day road trip from Northern California all the way to Palm Springs. Despite living in Los Angeles for a year, we never actually did the California coastal road trip we’ve always dreamed about. We’re in the process of finalizing where we will stop along the way, but you can’t go wrong with so many beautiful places from San Francisco to Palm Springs. We decided we wanted to do it when we were in San Francisco last spring. We had such a blast, it is truly one of my favorite cities, the food is amazing, the architecture is incredible and there are so many beautiful places to see and explore right in and around the city. This is just a short list of some of the many awesome things to see and do when you’re visiting San Francisco. Really, I could go on forever!


San Francisco is almost always colder than you think it’s going to be. I suggest always bringing lots of light layers like cashmere, two coats- raincoat and a wool coat, a scarf and a hat. And definitely comfortable walking shoes.

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  1. I hope you have great time there

    1.8.16 | Reply
  2. Great guide. Would love to go!!

    Kisses from

    1.8.16 | Reply
  3. ooooh I LOVE San Fran! I can’t wait to see the fun things you guys do while there! What a fun trip that will be! 🙂

    1.10.16 | Reply
  4. Fannie wrote:

    I’m in love with your blog. Lovely post! Very well written. Keep in touch.

    1.11.16 | Reply

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