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By Jess
30 Jun 2016

Prosecco and Plaid Home Office_-2


Excited to share a look into the Prosecco & Plaid HQ (aka my home office). It has been a few months in the making, since we moved we prioritized our bedroom and living room and I kept putting my office on the back burner. So last month I decided to really focus on pulling it together since quite frankly it’s where I spend the most time. And on that note, if you work from home, having a space that makes you feel good and allows you to be productive is so important, and that’s how I feel about this room now.

Prosecco and Plaid Home Office_-10

Everyone that comes to our house and sees this room immediately asks how Craig and I share an office. It’s never even crossed my mind that it would be weird or difficult. If it’s a day when I am on calls non-stop Craig will usually go out and shoot or do household stuff on our always long list of to-dos. It’s actually really nice, particularly when Craig is doing videos or editing that we work side by side because I can give him immediate feedback (and vice versa).

Prosecco and Plaid Home Office_-3

The room layout is a little funky, it’s short and long, so we had to put in a long desk that didn’t take up too much space. One thing that is really distracting to me is clutter, so my goal was to keep our home office minimal and organized. A few things I always like to have around are notebooks like the blue one on my desk from Brahmin, fresh flowers, headphones so I can listen to music, shells from the beach and my jewelry. I am constantly taking my jewelry on and off, I love to put it on in the morning but sometimes I just need to take it off mid-day, so I love these little dishes from LuLu & Georgia that I can put my shells and jewelry in.

Prosecco and Plaid Home Office_

The gallery wall took the longest for us to finish because it was so hard to pick our favorite photos. Hands down my favorite place to frame photos is Framebridge. I feel like I’ve told at least 5 people about it in the last week. Not only is it SUPER affordable but it’s easy and fast. With prices from $40-$160 I have not seen anything that even comes close to them for the quality. You can either mail in or upload your photos and then choose from around 40 different frames. You can also connect your Instagram and frame photos right from your feed. Pretty great right? Yes (scroll to the bottom for a special coupon code).

Prosecco and Plaid Home Office_-4

Most of the photos I chose are either ocean inspired or from our travels. I like to be surrounded by things that remind me happy memories and places.

Prosecco and Plaid Home Office_-5

Keeping with the theme of de-cluttering and staying organized I got this metal pencil holder to keep pens, scissors and other things all in one place. Also, the scent below is from Le Labo and it’s Bergamote 22Prosecco and Plaid Home Office_-7

Another one of my favorite things in the office is the pendant light. It’s a rose gold color and it just adds such a nice little pop of color to the room. I really feel like it pulls it all together.

Prosecco and Plaid Home Office_-9

Lucky for me, Craig was a carpenter before he was a photographer, so he is always building cool things and I love this garment rack he made. Using an old piece of driftwood he found and some piping from Home Depot he built this so I can keep everything I need to shoot organized. It not only helps me better visualize what I have coming up, but I can show him the different looks I have to shoot so that he can think about the best places to photograph them.

Prosecco and Plaid Home Office_-8

As you can see the office is really bright which can be challenging later in the afternoon when it’s almost too bright to see my computer screen. We haven’t invested in curtains yet because I haven’t found anything I like for the room, but as with anything, it’s a work in progress!

Prosecco and Plaid Home Office_-12








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  1. Gorge! It looks amazing, great work.

    6.30.16 | Reply
  2. Amy wrote:

    Love it! Light, airy, fresh, serene…perfect home office. Well done.

    XOXO, Amy @ Jeans and a Tea

    6.30.16 | Reply
  3. Rach wrote:

    Love the office space! I really like how you made the awkward space work!


    6.30.16 | Reply
  4. Natali wrote:

    Oh my! You have such an admirable and simply perfect home office!


    6.30.16 | Reply
  5. Mariah wrote:

    I love how you decorated your office! Where did you get your clothing rack from?

    7.1.16 | Reply
  6. Keelan wrote:

    Very pretty! Just the inspiration needed to start decorating our living room…7 months after moving in. FYI, the Framebridge promo code didn’t work when I tried using it.

    7.1.16 | Reply
    • Jessica wrote:

      Ughhhh I am so sorry Keelan. That’s really frustrating. I just reached out and will get back to you ASAP about the promo code.

      7.1.16 | Reply
  7. Julie wrote:

    What a cute office! No wonder you are productive in it! I wish I could have my own office but having 3 little ones and only 2 bedrooms in our flat my office has been pushed back into the lounge where I constantly have to move things around. I agree with you about having a work space that is tidy, the mind can be at peace if there is not too much clutter around. I am convinced it has an impact on your general mood too. Nice combo and I love all the different deco touches! Julie x


    7.1.16 | Reply
  8. Sophie wrote:

    Looks great, love your aesthetic!
    I post every Monday and Friday, I would love it if you stopped by! 🙂

    7.1.16 | Reply
  9. Sophie wrote:

    Love the dress so much, especially the shade!
    I post every Monday and Friday, I would love it if you stopped by! 🙂

    7.1.16 | Reply
  10. Looks so good!!!

    7.1.16 | Reply
  11. Kristine wrote:

    Gorgeous! Great job! I wish I had a big home office and/or worked from home!

    7.7.16 | Reply
  12. Srishti wrote:

    Absolutely beautiful home office! Was hoping to ask which Ikea desk you got and/or its measurements? Xx

    7.24.22 | Reply
  13. KDI-INC wrote:

    As someone who works from home, I’ve come to realize the importance of having a space that not only looks good but also fuels productivity. Shoutout to KDI-INC, the fastest-growing office technology provider in the mid-Atlantic region, for helping me streamline my workspace. Their commitment to quality, diversity, and exceptional service aligns perfectly with the vibe of my new HQ. If you’re on the lookout for top-notch office solutions, check out KDI – they’ve got it all covered!

    1.23.24 | Reply

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