Pretty Organized: Desk Accessories

By Caylin Harris
23 Aug 2016

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Written by Caylin Harris

Science might suggest that a messy desk indicates you have a more creative mind, but there’s something nice about sitting down to work and feeling organized. That and not having to spend twenty minutes searching for stamps.

In the back-to-school spirit we’re getting our desks into shape. Here are five of our favorite pro tips that’ll help you beat clutter for good. And to shop some of our favorite desk finds for fall scroll to the bottom of the post.

1. Before buying anything, purge and assess what you have and write down what you need to keep everything organized. All too often people purchase before they even know what will work best for their organizational needs. It’s a waste of money and it ends up taking up valuable space on top or inside your desk.

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2. Figure out what your organizing style is. Some people like things to be tucked away or placed in drawers and others work best if things are out and displayed. This handy quiz will help you figure it out if you’re not sure. Organizing only works if it helps you live more efficiently, so it’s important to be true to your needs and not try a one-size-fits-all, this-is-the-way-my-office-needs-to-look approach.

3. Paper clutter is the enemy of organization. While it’s tempting to hang on to everything, the reality is most of your important statements are available to you anytime electronically. So keep just the current statement if you really feel the need. Every time you get the new one in shred the old one. Try to figure out a time at least once a week to go through and file papers that have accumulated on your desk.

4. Buy a garbage can that meets your needs. Sounds like complete common sense, but most people have these tiny little decorative garbage cans in their offices that aren’t big enough. Meaning you end up not immediately throwing away things you should be getting rid of, resulting in a bigger mess later on.

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5. Figure out how you use your desk. Do you work at it? Do you need a lot of space on top to work? If so make use of vertical space and place things that you need on shelving close by or in drawers. Again placing items where they should go as opposed to where you need them to go means your space won’t meet your needs. Do what works for you!

What are some of your favorite ways to stay organized? Love your desk space? Tag us in a post of your workspace on Instagram and we’ll share our favorites!

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  1. Lucy wrote:

    Such a perfect post especially since Im about to go back to school and need to reorganize my desk. Also love the organization of the post 🙂


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