How to Get Cozy Ranch Style on a Budget & What Does Craig Do?

In this episode of Cozy Ranch Radio Jess and Craig talk about the best place to start when renovating or re-decorating, projects you can do yourself vs. when you should hire an expert and how to get Cozy Ranch style at home (on a budget). Plus Craig shares his career path and what he does now.

You can listen to the episode on iTunes or with the player below.

Gardening: Deciding What to Plant and Tips for First Timers

In this episode of Cozy Ranch Radio Jess and Craig answer your gardening and landscaping questions. They share where they get garden inspiration, how to decide on plants for your yard, veggie growing tips for small spaces and first timers, plus info on composting and how to deal with grubs.


Answering Your Assumptions & Fixer Upper Update

In this episode of Cozy Ranch Radio Jess and Craig respond to your assumptions about them and their pets, Nora, Fuji and Hunter. Are we into PDA? Is Jess rich? Are we frugal? Find out in today’s episode!

Searching For A Fixer Upper

We’re back! The podcast took a break for a few months while we focused on some other projects we’re launching, but we’re bringing you up to speed in this episode. Jess and Craig talk about their search for a fixer upper in Vermont and what they’ve learned so far in the search. If you’re looking to buy or thinking about it, this episode is for you!

Camera Equipment We Love for Blogging and Travel Photography

In this episode Craig and Jess talk about their experience with camera equipment going all the way back to when they first started. Chatting about the different cameras they’ve used and why, what they love now, and tips for how to take a good photo. They also give recommendations on good cameras for beginners, for traveling and Craig shares his favorite lenses.

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