A Chat With Dog Trainer Wally Mattingly

In this episode Jess & Craig chat with their dog trainer Wally of Coastal Canine. Wally shares his advice and knowledge from 10+ years of dog training and answers listener questions on everything from e-collar training to dealing with separation anxiety.

Wally, Coastal Canine
Adopting a Pet
Fuji’s e-collar
Nora’s e-collar

Camera Equipment We Love for Blogging and Travel Photography

In this episode Craig and Jess talk about their experience with camera equipment going all the way back to when they first started. Chatting about the different cameras they’ve used and why, what they love now, and tips for how to take a good photo. They also give recommendations on good cameras for beginners, for traveling and Craig shares his favorite lenses.

Building a Brand

Building a brand doesn’t happen overnight. In this episode of Cozy Ranch Radio Jess and Craig discuss everything from understanding your audience to staying true to your vision. They share what they’ve learned over the last few years including mistakes they’ve made, and what’s most important when creating a brand.