Packing for 10 Days in a Carry-On

If I can avoid checking a bag, I will at all costs, especially if I have a layover. Stressing about the bag making it to the final destination and sitting there at baggage after you’ve been flying for hours, no thanks. I can totally get by with one carry-on and a tote for a week plus of travel, it just takes a little planning (and of course it depends on the destination). I’m spending 4 days in Aspen and then 6 days in Santa Barbara, so here’s what I packed in my carry-on. I also posted a video to my YouTube channel which you can watch below. And if you missed there’s another video of my skincare travel routine here.

MZ Wallace Tote Bag:

I love my MZ Wallace tote (in medium). It fits a ton and it’s super lightweight. I pack all my toiletries in separate pouches, one for things I need on the plane, one for my skincare, and one for my make-up.

Carry-On Luggage:

I typically use either my Away luggage or my CalPak. I wear my bulkier items on the plane (sneakers, jacket, sweater) and everything else goes in the suitcase. Here’s what I packed for a 10 day trip.

cashmere wrap
skinny jeans
wide leg pants (can be dressed up or down)
– 2 tee shirts (here, here)
1 sweater, 1 sweatshirt
pair of denim shorts
silk tank
striped button down
striped shirt
jumpsuit (can be dressed up or down)
flat sandals
heeled sandals
patagonia (wore this on the plane) and rain jacket
leggings, sports bra, tank
bathing suit
crossbody bag

YouTube video

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  1. Peppermint Dolly wrote:

    Great post, I’ve become the Queen of packing just a carry-on in my house, like you – if I can avoid putting a bag under the plane – I most definitely will!!

    Rebecca |

    8.6.18 | Reply
  2. Diana wrote:

    I live for Carry On luggage! It gives me anxiety checking in luggage and waiting for it. Great tips!

    || The Neon Factor, by Diana ? ||

    8.6.18 | Reply
  3. Cristina - Memories of the Pacific wrote:

    Thanks for the tips! I avoid checking my bags too, I hate having to wait for them and the fear of the airline losing them makes me really anxious.

    8.6.18 | Reply
  4. Sharon wrote:

    I try to avoid checking a bag too! It’s just so annoying. Plus it’s incredible what you can fit in a carry on and an oversized tote bag.

    8.6.18 | Reply
  5. Rach wrote:

    This is amazing and you just challenged me to do carry-on for my next long trip!

    8.6.18 | Reply
  6. Gama wrote:

    I am the odd one. I love checking my bag. In asmall under the seat bag I carry a change of clothes. Why do I check? I am short so sometimes trying to get my bag in and out of the overhead is to hard. Plus I do not have to drag a carry on and a personal to the restroom or fight with them getting on and off.

    8.7.18 | Reply
  7. Brandon wrote:

    I’ve traveled a lot in my military carrier and a few things that have to be in there included with your list. A very simple first aid kit (palm size) with basic toiletries and body wipes. You never know when a plane will be held over for HOURS and having something to refresh yourself is a mental boost.
    That’s it.

    8.7.18 | Reply
  8. MarciaMarciaMarcia wrote:

    If I’m going somewhere for more than one or two nights, I almost always check a bag. I’m so curious about people who don’t. The main reason I end up checking is that I’m a runner, and by the time I pack my running shoes and running clothes for several days (even if I wear something more than once), I don’t have room in a carry on for my everyday stuff. And my running shoes are very definitely not cute sneakers, so they don’t do double-duty. Does anyone else deal with this? I’m a very organized packer (think spreadsheets) but I still can’t manage to keep it to a carry-on.

    8.7.18 | Reply
  9. Sandra A Salter wrote:

    What if you were having a 12-hour layover in London that you plan on exploring? Would you also drag the bag around with you?

    9.23.18 | Reply

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