Vermont Outdoor Patio Design and Furniture Reveal!

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By Jess
2 Oct 2023

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It feels so good to share this project, but even better to be done and get to enjoy the space. We have so many projects going right now, it’s easy to get lost in the to do list. This project was a labor of love and I’m thrilled to share the process and final result.

Where We Started

Last winter we converted our existing deck to indoor living space (our dining and living room). Craig built a deck off the new indoor space with stairs down to ground level. I’ll share the whole process of building the deck in a different post. We knew we wanted some sort of patio and dining area, so we created a plan and got to work over the summer.

We’re lucky to have a large and mostly flat yard in the back of our house. It’s slightly sloped, but it’s fairly level closer to the house. Craig built stairs from the deck down to the ground and then dug up the grass in the area where we were putting down the patio.

The hardest part of doing any work over the summer was the amount of rain we had. We didn’t have more than a 48 hour window without rain. After we pulled up the grass and packed down the dirt, we put down a light layer of rocks, followed by sand. We lined the perimeter of the patio using patio edging and staking it in the ground to keep everything in place.

Then we got to work laying down the pavers. For pavers we decided to use the same brand and style as the ones we used for our hot tub. You can see some of the process below.

Outdoor Patio Design

We wanted our patio to be big enough to fit a comfortable dining set, umbrella, and our fire pit. Laying down a patio is a lot of labor and we didn’t want to go crazy making an enormous patio. This size feels perfect for our needs. We extended the pavers to our fence and planted trees and shrubs that will eventually provide some privacy as well.

In terms of design inspiration, we love the Scandinavian look, and have combined that with modern and rustic elements throughout the house.

Outdoor Patio Furniture

We spent so much time researching patio furniture and really liked what we had at the Rhode Island house so we wanted to recreate that vibe. Our Article dining set up held up so well over the years, and we wanted pieces that would withstand New England weather.

Article’s furniture is designed to last, and the outdoor pieces are no exception. I really like their design aesthetic, and that in-stock items deliver fast (they have estimated delivery times on each product page).

Craig and I decided to look at the site separately and see if we chose different things. We both ended up on the Sardis Dining Table,   and that served as the main piece to inform the rest of our choices. It’s gray teak and metal giving both a Scandinavian and modern feel. It seats six people though with benches you could squeeze in a few more.

For seating we chose the Sardis Bench along with the Calicut Dining Chairs. The bench allows for more movement and open space around the table and the Scandinavian style woven chairs are so comfortable with removable cushions for added comfort.

We’ve spent many nights eating dinner on our patio enjoying the crisp fall air and coziness of the fire pit. It’s such a lovely place to entertain and spend time as a family.

On the deck which overlooks the yard and patio, we added two Lynea Rocking Chairs. They’re made with a solid Eucalyptus frame and woven details for a Scandinavian look and feel. They’re super comfortable and very popular with guests! It’s a great place to enjoy morning coffee or soak up some afternoon sun light.

Stay tuned for more details about our deck and how we designed it to maximize space and functionality. If you’re looking to freshen up your outdoor space I can’t say enough good things about Article. The ordering, delivery process and quality is exceptional. It’s also free shipping on all orders over $999 to almost anywhere in the US and Canada!

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