Our Trip to Beaver Creek with Supergoop

Well I had this post ready to go yesterday and before I had a chance to save it we lost power in the snowstorm so I had to start ALL OVER AGAIN. Lesson learned, do not work on your iMac in a blizzard. Anyway, I am really excited to share a recap of our trip to Beaver Creek with Supergoop! We had an incredible time and said more than once “we have to come back.” Beaver Creek was such a fun and friendly mountain and resort. And after a few days there, it was no surprise that Supergoop! would be the official sunscreen given it was super sunny everyday (and the sun is really strong out there). We had beautiful bluebird skies everyday, for us, it felt like spring skiing. Having never snowboarded out west before, we were blown away by the conditions. It was an absolute blast. Thanks to Beaver Creek, The Osprey and Supergoop! for an incredibly memorable experience.

Jess Ann Kirby enjoys the cold weather in Beaver Creek, Colorado
Jess Ann Kirby stays at The Osprey during her stay at Beaver Creek with Supergoop!

Our Stay at The Osprey

A few people that have been to Beaver Creak sent me messages when I mentioned where we were headed. When I said that we were staying at The Osprey everyone had the same response “you’re SO close to the lift, you’ll love it.” Honestly I thought, how close can it actually be, and then we had breakfast and looked out the window and there was the chairlift. Literally a few steps from the door! We loved walking down to the Fireside Grill every morning for breakfast before getting on the mountain. After a long day on the slopes you can relax in the outdoor hot tub or take a dip in the heated pool (there’s also a nice fireplace with seating in the pool area). Everyone at the hotel was so friendly and the staff could not have been more accommodating. From the ski valet (we left our boards so we didn’t have to lug it around through the hotel) to the car valet (they loaded up our luggage for us in the car on the day of our departure while we were on the mountain!) they pay attention to every, single detail. That’s a view of the slopes from our room in the photo to the left.

Jess Ann Kirby hits the slopes in the Topshop Sno One Piece Ski Suit
Jess Ann Kirby spends an afternoon snowshoeing in McCoy Park at Beaver Creek


We spent our first day on the Winter Wine Excursion which was a guided snow shoe tour through McCoy Park followed by a wine tasting with charcuterie at the Fireside Grill in The Osprey. Our guide, Carrie, was phenomenal. She was so fun and just made the whole experience so relaxing and enjoyable. McCoy Park sits above the slopes and is Beaver Creek’s dedicated Nordic and snowshoe trail system. It was absolutely breathtaking up there. If you are in Beaver Creek I highly recommend doing the tour. It was a great workout too, we took our time and Carrie was great about making sure we had water and stopped when we needed to since we were just adjusting to the altitude.

Our second day we met our snowboarding guide, Beau, for a day on the slopes. It was honestly one of the best days of snowboarding either of us have ever had. Beau was such an awesome guide, and from our first run to the last one of the day he took us down the trails. Having a guide made our first actual day of snowboarding on the mountain so much more fun and relaxing. Not having to think about where to go or what runs to do was SO nice. Beau gave us such a great sense of the mountain so that our second day felt much less intimidating being on our own.

There are a ton of other awesome activities at Beaver Creek, we had a pretty quick trip but you could easily spend a week or two and never have any shortage of things to do. And we couldn’t get over the conditions. Fluffy snow and blue sunny skies every, single day (seriously though, sunscreen is important, I brought my Supergoop everywhere with me).

Jess Ann Kirby packs for a trip to Beaver Creek with the essentials including Supergoop! products and the Topshopo Sno snowsuit
Jess Ann Kirby packs her Supergoop skincare essentials for a visit to Beaver Creek Colorado
Jess Ann Kirby
Jess Ann Kirby snowboards at Beaver Creek in a Roxy snowboard jacket and North Face snow pants
Jess Ann Kirby relies on Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen for protection from the sun while snowboarding
Jess Ann Kirby enjoys apres ski in the Sweaty Betty thermal top and North Face red snow pants

Where to Eat

There are no shortage of great restaurants in Beaver Creek. I wish we had more time to try some of the places people recommended but we did have great meals during our stay. For dinner our first night we ate up at Zach’s Cabin which is on the mountain. You take a snowcat ride from the Ritz Carlton up to the restaurant (there are no roads to get there) and they take you back down afterwards. We sat right next to the fireplace and it was so cozy. My favorite place the entire time was Mamie’s Mountain Grill, one of the on mountain restaurants where we stopped for lunch. I had the most amazing kale chicken caesar salad and the weather is so gorgeous we ate right on the deck with incredible views of McCoy Park. You can’t go to Beaver Creek without stopping at the Candy Cabin (kid heaven). Despite the fact that I’m not much of a sweets person, Craig and I both found ourselves craving a visit after a day on the slopes. There’s also a cookie cabin at the top of Red Buffalo Park where the ski/snowboard school is located. Anyone enrolled in the ski school gets free warm cookies. There’s tons of other great dining options on the mountain and in Beaver Creek village so you can find whatever you’re in the mood for.

Jess Ann Kirby spends time snowboarding at Beaver Creek Colorado

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  1. Emily wrote:

    What a fun trip! I have not been back to Beaver Creek in a few years and this reminded me how absolutely stunning it is.

    3.14.18 | Reply
  2. jodie filogomo wrote:

    Colorado is full of these fabulous places, and it looks like you had pretty good snow!!!

    3.14.18 | Reply
  3. Lynn wrote:

    Looks like a great trip with beautiful scenery and great food. I was still on the St. Petersburg , FL blog and the living room decor . I got the wire basket , a scarf from Sparkles where Jillian wrote me a beautiful note and said that you have an amazing sense of style . In Florida I’m just going for the goop , lol

    3.14.18 | Reply
  4. Hope Imming wrote:

    I was just wondering where you got your snow/ski pants and black and white tight pullover you were wearing in the photos you posted! Super cute and would love to find something like that for my spring break trip in a month!

    Thank you so much!!!

    1.29.20 | Reply
  5. shein wrote:

    What a great post, and timely.

    3.28.22 | Reply

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