Our New ‘Old’ Truck

How To Wear A Tunic Sweater
By Jess
8 Aug 2016

Jess Kirby wears a camel cardigan sweater and denim shorts on prosecco and plaid


Craig and I agree on most things, music, politics, food, places we want to travel, our love of animals, and our obsession with old trucks. We’ve always dreamed of having an old truck, our favorite being the 1960s-1970s Ford F100. When we lived in California we would see the coolest trucks from that era and talk about how one day we’d have one of our own. A few weeks ago we were both on eBay looking at old Fords and we can across one in Montana. It was a beautiful creamy white, 1970, and in decent shape for a truck that’s 40+ years old. So we put a bid on it and we went to bed. I didn’t think much of it and I certainly didn’t think we would win it, but when I woke up to an email saying “congratulations on winning the Ford F100” I was stunned and kind of freaking out. So after what was a less than pleasant ordeal figuring out how to get it back here (shipping companies are for the most part the absolute worst and the entire industry is full of scammers, it is so poorly regulated- rant over) she finally made it home.

We are still kind of pinching ourselves that we’ve got a beautiful 1970 Ford F100 sitting in our garage. Taking her for a spin out to our favorite Saturday morning spot was a bit surreal. In all honesty I don’t often “dream” about buying things. Yes I have a fashion blog and post clothes for a living, but I don’t, for the most part, really fantasize about clothes or handbags or shoes or other things. But I’ve always dreamed of owning a Ford F100, and maybe it’s materialistic to be this happy about buying a thing, but damn it feels good to call her mine.

camel cardigan sweater, denim shorts and kapten and son watch on prosecco and plaid paige denim cut-offs and new balance sneakers on prosecco and plaidjess kirby and her ford f100 on prosecco and plaidlate summer style in denim shorts and a camel cardigan on prosecco and plaidjess kirby watching the sunrise in a camel cardigan with her ford f100 on prosecco and plaidJess Kirby wears paige denim shorts a white tank and a camel cardigan on prosecco and plaidcamel cardigan and hair tucked on prosecco and plaidjess kirby of prosecco and plaid with her ford f100 truckpaige denim cut-offs and a light cardigan for late summerJess Kirby and her dog Nora in Newport on Prosecco and Plaid

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  1. Chris wrote:

    She is a beaut!

    8.8.16 | Reply
  2. Natali wrote:

    Heh! Dreams do come true!! They say that what you focus/ think about/ fantasise the most is what you will eventually have/ get. 🙂
    Beautiful photos and such a cute, laid-back outfit!


    8.8.16 | Reply
  3. Jen wrote:

    It’s gorgeous!

    Jen | affecionada

    8.8.16 | Reply
  4. lottie wrote:

    I don’t know really anything about cars and I’m not really a fan of trucks, but oh my holy molly that is a beautiful truck! now you’ve got me all into it. goodness gracious isn’t she beautiful. how fun!!!!

    8.8.16 | Reply

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