Our Favorite Places to Shop for Rugs

Jess Ann Kirby shares where she loves to buy rugs, including patterned and vintage patterns.

Rugs can make or break a room. The right area rug can create cohesion in a space or make a statement. The perfect runner in your kitchen or hallway can add color and warmth. But there’s so many options, where to even begin? We’ve gone through our fair share of rugs in this house, many that did not survive the beating of three animals and daily vacuuming. Whether you’re looking for something that’s pet friendly or statement making, here are my favorite places to shop for rugs with a few tips on buying the right rug for your space.

Area Rugs

There’s almost nothing worse than a rug that’s too small for a room. It ends up just looking like you didn’t measure properly and becomes a distraction from everything else. In an open space a good general rule is to have at least part of the furniture in the room on the rug. Initially we had this gorgeous LuLu & Georgia rug in our living room. GORGEOUS. I love this rug, but it wasn’t the right pattern or pile for such a high traffic area. Even with shoes off and constantly cleaning puppy paws it was getting worn too quickly upstairs (so we’ve found a new home for it in the house, stay tuned). Don’t forget to think about your lifestyle and the care a rug needs when making your decision. A shaggy rug would never work in our house, but we are able to have sheepskins (they’re more durable than you might think!).

Favorite Places to Shop for Area Rugs

LuLu & Georgia

Antique & Vintage Rugs

The majority of the rugs we have are antique/vintage rugs. They’re actually also the most durable, but that’s not always the case. Depending on the age, material, pile, etc. antique and vintage rugs can be a really great option, even for high traffic/spill prone areas like the kitchen. One of my favorite discoveries has been the “tinies” from New England Loom. I have them at every door that leads outside in our house because they are so durable and add character. The runner in our kitchen, also from New England Loom, takes a beating and still looks great. Patterns are your friend with antique and vintage rugs, when the inevitable spill happens, it’s less noticeable.

Favorite Places to Shop for Antique & Vintage Rugs

New England Loom
The Southern Loom

Jess Ann Kirby has a vintage patterned rug in blush tones in her bedroom for a cozy look.

Patterned Rugs

Probably one of my favorite additions as of late is this patterned rug from West Elm. I LOVE how it looks in our bedroom, the colors are seriously stunning in person. It’s a reversible, wool/cotton blend perfect for a bedroom or office. I recommend a rug pad underneath.

Favorite Places to Shop for Patterned Rugs

West Elm
Urban Outfitters

Rugs Pads

Don’t forget about rug pads. They not only help keep your rug from slipping and sliding but they extend the life of your rug as well. I recommend going with an eco-friendly recycled felt.

More Favorite Rugs

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  1. I love rugs, they bring something so warm and cosy to any space!

    I hope you have a great Wednesday,

    4.24.19 | Reply
  2. Rach wrote:

    Yes! I’m currently on a hunt for new rugs! For Etsy, do you have a go-to seller?


    4.24.19 | Reply
  3. Kristen Dixon wrote:

    Hey! I love your style :):):) what is the name of the vibrant rug you have pictured from lulu and Georgia?! I’ve been scouring their website and can’t find it

    11.15.19 | Reply

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