Our Bathroom Addition Fixtures

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By Jess
3 Aug 2020
Our Bathroom Addition Fixtures

Our Bathroom Addition Fixtures

Really excited to share more of our bathroom addition today and what we chose for fixtures from Delta®. We used Delta in our first bathroom renovation, we still love the look and have been super pleased with the quality, so we knew they would be a great partner this time around. When we initially started planning for our bathroom addition (you can see our inspiration post here) we knew we wanted matte black finishes with wood accents.

We both liked Delta’s Sandover™ Bath Collection in matte black because of its clean and modern look.

Our vanity is made from reclaimed wood, so we really liked how the Delta Sandover Faucet in Matte Black (available at Lowe’s) brings out the colors in the wood finish. The faucets were easy to install (after the plumbers installed the hookups Craig installed them himself and said it was really straightforward). Delta WaterSense® labeled faucets, showers and toilets also use at least 20% less water than the industry standard. We picked the Delta Turner® Dual-Flush Toilet, which has two flush options to help save water. It was also an easy install and I love the push button flush design.

In the shower we went with the Delta Sandover Shower Head and Valve in Matte Black. I wanted a massive shower head because our shower is so big, and Craig is really tall. We needed to have good water pressure, even if it was up high. The really cool thing about the shower head is it has H2Okinetic® PowerDrench® Spray, which gives you the feeling of more water without actually using more water. You really get the feeling of more coverage or more intensity without wasting more water. It has multiple settings so you can alternate between full body spray, massage spray and more.

My favorite feature is the pause setting on the shower head, so if you’re shaving or lathering you can pause the water and it will start back up at the temperature you left it! Honestly, I could not be happier with how the shower turned out. Between the big plaster walls, the skylight above and how open and airy it is, it’s perfect.

Bathroom Fixture and Finish Details

Delta Sandover Faucet in Matte Black
Delta Sandover Shower Head and Valve in Matte Black
Delta Turner® Dual-Flush Toilet
Reclaimed Wood Vanity
Shower Shelf
Light Fixture
Teak Medicine Cabinets
Hand painted tile
Shower Door
Marble Canisters and Marble Tray

Thank you to Delta Faucet for sponsoring this post.

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