My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

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By Jess
10 Aug 2020
My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

Alrighty then. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is here. I’ve had a lot notes from many of you who want to shop the sale, some for the first time. There’s probably only two things I will purchase (mentioned below) but there’s some pieces available that I already have and love. I combed through the selection and found a few things that are definitely wardrobe staples in my closet so I put my stamp of approval on those. It’s not a long list, but these are the top things I’d recommend if you are shopping the sale.

Access to the sale this year is kind of weird and tiered (did not mean for that to rhyme). I have a Nordstrom Debit Card (basically just a Nordstrom card attached to my bank account) so I don’t have access yet. Insider Access starts August 13th. Here are my top Nordstrom Anniversary sale picks.

My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

Wardrobe Staples

Spanx Faux Leather Leggings (also come in petite and plus)

I love these leggings. I got them two years ago and they are still hands down my favorite leggings for fall and winter (here’s a blog post on how to style faux leather leggings). They look great dressed up with booties or loafers and they look just as good with sneakers. Throw on a button down and a big cozy sweater and you are good to go. These are going to be a WFH staple this year. I have them in a size small.

Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket

I got this jacket in grey a little over a year ago when we were in Portland and it’s a favorite. It’s great for layering in fall and winter. When it’s mild out I can wear it with a tee underneath and as it gets colder I can layer a sweater underneath or even another jacket over it. I am a small in this jacket which leaves a little room for layering.

Rails Ellis Cotton Shirt

I mentioned this button down on IG stories the other day. I have the blue and white stripe version and I get a ton of wear out of it. And I actually think the white is more versatile for a wardrobe staple. It’s a nice thicker cotton fabric that’s really soft. It doesn’t have a lot of structure to it so it’s not like a crisp white button down, but I love that about it. I have this in a small and it’s a tiny bit loose but not big.

Eileen Fisher Cashmere Sweater or Cardigan

I’m a huge fan of Eileen Fisher especially the sweaters. I have a few that are on constant rotation in my fall and winter wardrobe. The color of this sweater and cardigan are just so classic and beautiful. They are also both made with mostly recycled cashmere which is more sustainable. You can wear this color with anything (great for WFH too). In terms of sweater vs cardigan, I tend to wear sweaters more often but wanted to include both styles here if you are more of a cardigan person. In terms of sizing Eileen Fisher runs BIG. I typically go with a small for sweaters because I like them oversized. I had one in medium when I was pregnant but probably still could have gone with a small.

Eileen Fisher Coat

Another Eileen Fisher classic, this beautiful wool blend coat. I don’t have this exact coat but I have a similar one in grey from last year and I lived in it. It’s chic, warm and comfortable, great for layering and can look polished and professional or casual depending on how you wear it. Again, sizing runs big, I have an x-small and it’s still fits a bit loose.



I love the NuFace for at home Microcurrent facials. It’s amazing for contouring and lifting skin. You really need to be consistent with it to see results but it WORKS. I did a whole review here. I definitely notice a difference in my skin when I don’t use it.


I have the Revitalash eyelash conditioner and eyebrow conditioner but honestly I think you can get away with using the eyelash conditioner for everything. In terms of seeing growth for eyelashes and brows it’s the most effective product I’ve used and the only one that did not irritate my eyes. The Nordstrom Anniversary sale price is a pretty great deal because you get two for the price of one.


Nuna Rava

I don’t actually have this but I wish I did. We have the Nuna Pipa car seat which I love, but at the rate Marin is growing she’s going to be too big for it pretty quickly. The Nuna Rava is for newborn to toddler age so this Nordstrom Anniversary sale deal is a really good one because this car seat will last a long time. I will say this Rava doesn’t have the canopy and can’t be carried like the Nuna Pipa so I think it depends on your needs which will work better.

Comotomo Bottle Bundle

Our favorite bottles. I love these because they’re easy to clean and easy for Marin to hold. This is a great starter bundle because it has the three different nipples for slow, medium and fast flow. This is a great gift for a new mom!


Nordstrom Organic Cotton Bath Towels

I’ve never tried Nordstrom towels but this is a really good price for organic bath towels so I plan to order two and try them out. They have a lot of 5 star reviews which is promising.

Hydro Flask 32 oz Wide Mouth Flask

Kind of random but one thing that almost everyone told me I needed to bring to the hospital for delivery was an enormous water bottle and YOU WERE RIGHT. I was so glad I got this Hydro Flask water bottle and I still love this thing because it forces me to drink more water during the day and it’s awesome for the beach too. I’m getting this one from the Nordstrom sale because I like the straw attachment and the color. Now Craig and I can each have our own.

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  1. Jessica Camerata wrote:

    So weirded out by how long this sale has been up and running and still can’t shop, ha! Loved the online preview concept, but hate that it’s weeks before we can shop. Definitely eyeing a few basics this year like sneakers and a graphic tee to dress up my lounge leggings, but that’s about it! Revitalash might need to be added to the cart!

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

    8.10.20 | Reply
    • Jess wrote:

      I know I really don’t get the ridiculously long period between when they show you everything and when you can shop. And who is even eligible to shop early? It’s so confusing haha. Highly recommend Revitalash!

      8.10.20 | Reply
  2. Mallory wrote:

    Thank you for a thoughtful anniversary sale post. I trust your opinions!

    8.11.20 | Reply

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