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By Jess
26 Mar 2020

Thanks to Tom’s of Maine for sponsoring this post.

There’s a lot of talk about pro and prebiotics right now, but what does that mean for personal care? Tom’s of Maine created the first-of-its-kind Prebiotic Personal Care line, and today I am partnering with them to share a few of my favorites, but first I want to chat a bit about why I love the brand.

Tom’s of Maine is a Certified B Corp and at the core of their brand is their Stewardship Model, which guides their standards for balancing natural, sustainable and responsible. They’ve also partnered with Terracycle to create the Tom’s of Maine Natural Care Recycling Program, so anyone can recycle their natural care products and packaging free of cost. You can sign up here and then start collecting your waste. Basically everything I’m sharing in this post can be recycled, for free through Terracycle!

So what are prebiotics? Essentially they are nutrients that promote the growth of good bacteria in and on your body. It helps create a healthy balance, so there’s more good bacteria and less of the bad (which is what causes things like bad breath and body odor, ew). My personal favorites from the Tom’s of Maine Prebiotic Personal Care line are the Prebiotic Liquid Hand Soap (the Blood Orange scent is heavenly), Prebiotic Deodorant, and the Prebiotic Body Wash & Prebiotic Bar Soap (love the Soft Rose scent).

I think we can all relate to the reality of constantly washing our hands the last few weeks. The Prebiotic hand soap and bar soap have no sulfate based surfactants, parabens or phthalates, are cruelty free and helps retain skin’s natural moisture. They cleanse the skin without stripping it of beneficial bacteria. The Prebiotic Deodorant (I’ve been using Soft Rose, it’s really subtle but smells amazing) has the prebiotic ingredient xylitol and a vegan yogurt extract which promotes healthy bacteria and helps eliminate odors. You can shop the Prebiotic Personal Care line here.

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  1. Lynnbcroland wrote:

    I just ordered a bunch of the soaps. They look lovely andsoap is getting harder to find especially good and natural soap. My face is sooo sensitive and one review said it made her face soft and so much less red. I’m excited to get them. I love the tray! xoxo

    3.27.20 | Reply
    • Jess wrote:

      I hope they work well for you. Hope all is well Lynn xx

      3.27.20 | Reply

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