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By Jess
27 Mar 2016

Tempur Sealy Mattress Prosecco & Plaid-15


Craig and I made a big move in January. We’ve been in our new place for about 2 and a half months and we’re still very much in the getting settled phase. One thing we hadn’t decided on yet was a new mattress. I find mattress shopping to be like going to the dentist, not enjoyable, so when we got the opportunity to try the new Cocoon by Sealy mattress I jumped at the chance.

[one_half]Tempur Sealy Mattress Prosecco & Plaid-2[/one_half][one_half_last]Tempur Sealy Mattress Prosecco & Plaid[/one_half_last]

Cocoon by Sealy is sold exclusively online at It’s a new Tempur Sealy mattress brand that delivers a mattress-in-a-box right to your doorstep. We’ve always had Sealy mattresses so I was definitely intrigued by their new product. Even better, Cocoon by Sealy offers 100% Satisfaction guaranteed, 100 Night Trial, Free Shipping and a 10 year warranty. If you want to return it, there’s no fee, they’ll arrange to pick it up for you and donate it to a local agency.

Tempur Sealy Mattress Prosecco & Plaid-4

The delivery process couldn’t have been easier. I knew when to expect it based on the tracking info I received, and the mattress was dropped off at our door. We’re still in the process of deciding where we want out master bedroom to be since we have two bedrooms in our new place. Bear with me since this room is basically empty. Making our bedroom our happy place had to start with finding the right mattress.

[one_half]Tempur Sealy Mattress Prosecco & Plaid-3[/one_half][one_half_last]Tempur Sealy Mattress Prosecco & Plaid-5[/one_half_last]

The unboxing process is super simple. Once you take the mattress out, you unroll it and within about 30 seconds the mattress takes shape. One thing I really liked was that there was no weird odor. I’ve order mattress toppers before and the smell was almost unbearable. This mattress was ready to be slept on!

Tempur Sealy Mattress Prosecco & Plaid-6[one_half]Tempur Sealy Mattress Prosecco & Plaid-7[/one_half][one_half_last]Tempur Sealy Mattress Prosecco & Plaid-8[/one_half_last]

 I couldn’t believe the quality and comfort of the mattress, I guess that’s what happens when you get a mattress from a company that’s been doing it for over 100 years. We decided to go with a softer King (you can choose from, Twin, Queen, King and California King). Did I mention they range in price from $549-$999, yes nothing over $1000! When deciding between softer or firmer it comes down to if you prefer to sleep “in” your bed (softer) or “on” your bed (firmer). As Craig and I both have back issues we both prefer a slightly softer feel.

Tempur Sealy Mattress Prosecco & Plaid-10[one_half]Tempur Sealy Mattress Prosecco & Plaid-11[/one_half][one_half_last]Tempur Sealy Mattress Prosecco & Plaid-13[/one_half_last]

We were both pleasantly surprised after the first night on our new mattress. We both woke up with less pain and had a more restful night sleep, less tossing and turning trying to get comfortable. It was soft, but not too soft. We’ve been sleeping on it for about a week now and haven’t looked back!  We are so excited to officially start making our bedroom our happy place. Stay tuned to see our finished bedroom makeover in a few weeks. I’m also so happy to be partnering with Cocoon by Sealy to give away a mattress to one lucky winner. You’ll be able to choose a soft or firm mattress in Twin, Queen or King. Enter below and good luck! 

Tempur Sealy Mattress Prosecco & Plaid-12

This post is sponsored by Tempur Sealy. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Ellen Casper wrote:

    Soothing colors and simple design makes my bedroom a happy place

    3.27.16 | Reply
  2. Beth O wrote:

    I’ve been trying to clear the clutter from my bedroom so it’s less distracting.

    3.27.16 | Reply
  3. Kim Henrichs wrote:

    I fill my walls with photos from vacations I’ve taken and decorate in a beachy type of theme so I always feel happy in there…

    3.27.16 | Reply
  4. Amy williams wrote:

    fuzzy blankets and squishy pillows

    3.27.16 | Reply
  5. Melissa Dickson wrote:

    I’ve been looking for a new mattress! Your blog post is right on time 🙂

    3.27.16 | Reply
  6. Maureen wrote:

    I love certain pictures and I have them placed on dressers. I love the sheets and bedcovering on my bed. It is cozy.

    3.27.16 | Reply
  7. I make our bedroom happy by painting the ceiling gold!!

    3.27.16 | Reply
  8. Heather E. wrote:

    It’s all about the atmosphere. I make my bedroom a happy place by adding my favorite scents and keeping the lighting relatively low. Sometimes I play soft music when I’m winding down for the day.

    3.27.16 | Reply
  9. DeAnna Keller wrote:

    I try to decorate using soothing earth tone colors.

    3.27.16 | Reply
  10. Christianne wrote:

    I have an afgan knitted by my grandma on the foot of my bed, and my husband with his head on the pillow. Lavender candle filling the air. Happy place indeed.

    3.27.16 | Reply
  11. Linda Szymoniak wrote:

    Three of my four rescued Treeing Walker Coonhounds share my bedroom – and bed. It’s always great to cuddle them and my Kyoko gets all playful and makes the funniest noises. The fourth one, my senior girl, Suki, sleeps on an orthopedic dog bed in my daughter’s room so she doesn’t get disturbed by the others.

    3.27.16 | Reply
  12. Alina wrote:

    Make it my happy place with a special reading nook all for myself away from the family for some alone time. I also ensure that I have good lighting in there and try to have a fresh flower in a vase on my nightstand.

    3.27.16 | Reply
  13. Emma wrote:

    soft sheets!

    3.27.16 | Reply
    • Emma wrote:

      BTW – I’ll be interested to hear how this mattress is for your back! My husband also has chronic back pain and it leads us to always put off buying a new mattress because we never know what will be good!

      3.28.16 | Reply
  14. Karrie A Millheim wrote:

    I decorate it to make me feel comfort. I really love Disney and Fairies so i decked out my room in these.I also have lots and lots of pillows to make it comfy on the bed. Its my favorite place

    3.27.16 | Reply
  15. Elyse G. wrote:

    I always have a small bouquet of flowers on my bedside table to bring a little something extra to the room. *fingers crossed*

    3.27.16 | Reply
  16. Debra wrote:

    Linen sheets and cozy socks!

    3.27.16 | Reply
  17. Julie Bickham wrote:

    I buy the softest sheets and pillowcases. I get comfy blankets and it’s heaven!

    3.27.16 | Reply
  18. Kim Pincombe Cole wrote:

    My bedroom is my escape; my sanctuary.
    It has to be comfortable (good mattress) & cozy (great bedding & tons of pillows)!! I also adore the huge windows in my room that allow me to let nature in…

    3.27.16 | Reply
  19. Lisa L. wrote:

    It’s about the soft blankets and who you share them with. Those are the key to happiness in the bedroom.

    3.27.16 | Reply
  20. Making my bedroom more comfortable and relaxing is on my agenda for the next room in the house. A new mattress would be a great start!

    3.27.16 | Reply
  21. Elisabeth wrote:

    Your blog post is right on time because I’ve been looking for a new mattress!

    3.27.16 | Reply
  22. katie wrote:

    i make my bed every morning with a heated blanket as the second layer and a big fluffy plush blanket on top. before i get in bed, i turn on the heated blanket and then it’s nice and cozy as i slide in. my current mattress is at least 7 years old, so it would be sooo nice to add a new one to make us even happier 🙂

    3.27.16 | Reply
  23. Marty wrote:

    I’m overdue for a new mattress and this sounds great.

    3.27.16 | Reply
  24. Natalie Lyons wrote:

    I like to make my bedroom tranquil and my serene getaway

    3.27.16 | Reply
  25. Catherine wrote:

    No TV and minimizing electronic use. Makes it a place of tranquility.

    3.27.16 | Reply
  26. Terri S wrote:

    I make it very calming and comfortable. The colors and my favorite things…books.

    3.27.16 | Reply
  27. Lena P. wrote:

    I make my bedroom my happy place by decorating with neutral colors and making is smell pretty. Also a comfy bed is important to me(:

    3.27.16 | Reply
  28. Keelan wrote:

    I make it happy with soothing colors throughout the room and extra pillows.

    3.27.16 | Reply
  29. Shannon Weel wrote:

    I make my bedroom a happy place by having soft, fluffy covers on my bed, lots of candles for ambiance and fresh flowers.

    3.27.16 | Reply
  30. Annette wrote:

    I have nice bedding and lots of pillows, which makes for a very comfy space.

    3.27.16 | Reply
  31. Michelle L wrote:

    stuff toy animals.

    3.27.16 | Reply
  32. Linda wrote:

    Looks so cozy!

    3.28.16 | Reply
  33. Rae wrote:

    Soft lighting, air-purifying plants, and cozy sheets!

    3.28.16 | Reply
  34. I decorate with a minimalistic casual cool vibe to make it feel like my happy place!

    3.28.16 | Reply
  35. aly wrote:

    I feel like bedding makes the bedroom! Cool textures and luxurious fabrics that make you smile whenever you climb into bed at the end of the day! My boyfriend and I are currently hunting for a new mattress for our first place together and are trying to find one that balances his preferences and my back issues, sounds like we may have to give this one a try! 🙂

    3.28.16 | Reply
  36. Edye wrote:

    I light a candle, put on fuzzy socks and read a book 🙂

    3.28.16 | Reply
  37. Tarah wrote:

    With the plug in air freshener! Nothing better than fresh sheets, and a clean smelling air!

    3.28.16 | Reply
  38. Sean wrote:

    I use black out curtains to ensure I get every minute of sleep I can and dimmers so that it’s not overly bright and it’s a relaxing environment.

    3.28.16 | Reply
  39. Stafford wrote:

    Softest sheets ever and good lighting is what makes my bedroom a very happy place to be.

    3.28.16 | Reply
  40. Alex Breslin wrote:

    Nice clean cozy sheets and soft pillows and blackout shades to keep out the early morning sun. Sleep is my favorite!

    3.28.16 | Reply
  41. Sloane wrote:

    I work overnight so coming home to the perfect mattress to get some good sleep is so important to me!

    3.28.16 | Reply
  42. Rebecca B wrote:

    Tons of pillows and a sound machine!

    3.29.16 | Reply
  43. Faye Gates wrote:

    My bedroom gets all the afternoon sun. It is quite large, and it’s the perfect place to take a nap.I do it every weekend.

    3.29.16 | Reply
  44. i keep a fan running so its always nice and cool and i have faux flowers everywhere 🙂

    3.29.16 | Reply
  45. Amy wrote:

    Lots and lots of pillows. Good sheets and a nice fluffy comforter are important as well. 🙂

    3.29.16 | Reply
  46. Lauren Gay wrote:

    No TV and lots of reading material with comfy blankets and pillows make my bedroom my happy “relaxation” place! The perfect mattress would definitely help 🙂

    3.29.16 | Reply
  47. Diana Cote wrote:

    adding personal touches and comfortable bedding and keeping the colors soothing. My daughter has outgrown her bed and has been sleeping with us lately, we would love to have our bed back. *crossing my fingers*

    3.29.16 | Reply
  48. Starla B wrote:

    How awesome that you both woke up with less pain- and that looks so stinking comfortable! I have been needing a new mattress for years. I am currently still using my queen from when I was in middle school and I am now 24.. whoops! 😉 I make my room my happy place by adding all of the touches of things that I love. Decor, photos and art.. oh and you can’t forget yummy fragrance!

    3.29.16 | Reply
  49. Holly wrote:

    Soft sheets and big fluffy comforter 🙂

    3.29.16 | Reply
  50. Elisabeth Butler wrote:

    Love your jeans!

    3.30.16 | Reply
  51. Errisson wrote:

    Please let us know your thoughts when your 100 days are up. 🙂

    3.31.16 | Reply
  52. Errisson wrote:

    Once your 100 days are up please let us know your thoughts on the bed please.. 🙂 Love the blog by the way..

    3.31.16 | Reply
  53. Kassie wrote:

    I like decorating with really soft blues and grays to keep it tranquil and making sure evrything is super soft and comfortable. I’ve also learned to use my bed only for sleeping and not reading or watching TV.

    3.31.16 | Reply
  54. christy bringhurst wrote:

    calm colors…plants….no clutter…aaahhh.

    3.31.16 | Reply
  55. Andrea Darst wrote:

    My hubby and I love soft, oversized fuzzy blankets and lots of pillows!

    4.1.16 | Reply
  56. Erika W. wrote:

    We’ve made the bedroom our happy place by having a little library in there and not having a tv!

    4.1.16 | Reply
  57. Melissa S wrote:

    My bedroom feels like a happy place when it is uncluttered and organized.

    4.1.16 | Reply
  58. Cindy A. wrote:

    My bedroom is not currently my happy place, but its getting there! I just ripped up the old carpet last night (there is hardwood underneath!) and am getting ready to start painting the walls (Gray Wisp by Benjamin Moore). I know that once I get a fresh coat of paint on the walls, a cozy area rug, and hopefully a new Cocoon by Sealy mattress, my bedroom will be a much needed oasis.

    4.2.16 | Reply
  59. Natalie wrote:

    Organize everything and add candles and clean decor to create a serene environment

    4.2.16 | Reply
  60. David wrote:

    We make our bedroom a happy place by having a TV, some books, and most importantly, a lock on the door!!!

    4.2.16 | Reply
  61. Melissa wrote:

    Lots of pillows and super soft blankets gets me to my happy place ☺️

    4.2.16 | Reply
  62. Mary wrote:

    I like to have aroma candles and beautiful art on the walls of my room. Always makes me feel relaxed and happy 🙂

    4.2.16 | Reply
  63. Celeste wrote:

    lots of comfy linens!

    4.2.16 | Reply
  64. Tracie Cooper wrote:

    My bedroom is happy place with my favorite photos, bedding and scented candles!

    4.2.16 | Reply
  65. carol clark wrote:

    i make my bedroom a happy place by sharing love hugs to my kids and well having candles lit and the smell of comfort around having tv also helps

    4.2.16 | Reply
  66. Samantha wrote:

    I love making my bedroom my happy place with family pictures that I love hung on the wall. Lots of beautiful black and white memories.

    4.2.16 | Reply

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