My Favorites to Shop at Missoma for Black Friday

Above Image: Lucy Williams Horn Necklace // Gold Bobble Chain with Initial Pendant // Turquoise Hamza Pendant // Spike Pendant // Mini Fang Necklace

I’m just gonna come right out and say it, this is my favorite Black Friday sale. I am a huge Missoma London fan and have been for a few years. If you, like me, love delicate jewelry, this is the brand for you. I’m wearing at least a few Missoma pieces every day, so I thought I’d share those, plus a few more I have my eye on. You can shop their Black Friday sale now (use code JESS25 for 25% off), and if history repeats itself, lots of things will sell out as people go kinda nuts for this sale. Even better, this year, Missoma has partnered with Tree Sisters, and they are planting one tree for every order to offset their carbon footprint. As someone that has worked with the brand for some time now, I can genuinely say it is truly the nicest group of women, that embody the brand’s values of empowering women. Tree Sisters, a nonprofit organization with a focus on women and tropical reforestation will be planting one tree for every order along the tropical forest belt in Kenya, Madagascar, Brazil and India, in partnership with Missoma. So you can feel good about your purchases too. Now here are some of my favorites.

Image Details: Sweater // Gold Leaf Choker // Bobble Choker // Turquoise Birthstone Necklace // Body Language Initial Necklace // Rose Quartz Shield // Malachite Cuff // Aztec Cuff // Rhea Cuff // Rhea Ring // Pyramid Ring // Evil Eye Band // Evil Eye Ring

One of my favorite things about Missoma is how many pieces have a personalized or customized element. I recently got the Body Language Initial Necklace which I think is so cool. I also got the Turquoise birthstone necklace which is a great length for layering with other pieces. One of my favorite bracelets right now is this malachite cuff which looks gorgeous stacked with the aztec cuff.

Use code JESS25 for 25% off site wide

Of course I can’t write about Missoma without mentioning the Lucy Williams collection. I wear my horn necklace most days and always get compliments on it. I also have her mini fang necklace and armour cuff. I wish I could wear earrings (I’ve just never really been able to they immediately get irritated-I’ve tried everything, trust me). If I could, I would get these coin chandelier hoops. I love these little mini hoops with the spikes too. Happy shopping!

Thank you to Missoma for sponsoring this post.

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