My Favorite Things from March 2019

Despite March being kinda the worst month ever, it flew by, how is it already mid-April? It wasn’t all terrible though, and these were some of the highlights. Here are some of my favorites from last month.


AGOLDE Dee Shorts

At this point, almost everyone knows about the AGOLDE Dee shorts. Probably because they are the most comfortable, most flattering denim shorts in all the land. They have a high waist fit and slightly longer length so no need to worry about your butt hanging out of your jeans. They fit true to size. Want to see how I’ve styled them? See here, here, here and here.

Also pictured: Everlane Cotton Linen Sweater | Dolce Vita Mules

Jess Ann Kirby styles spring outfits for a capsule warm weather wardrobe.

One of Jess Ann Kirby's favorite things from March was a mid-century modern planter and fiddle leaf fig plant.


Mid-century Modern Planter

I bought two of these planters for The Cozy Ranch because I wanted something that would be a nice design element and would also keep our plants off the floor. I ordered one in natural with the darker wood and another with lighter wood. They both look amazing and are big enough for substantial plants. I got this fiddle leaf fig from Amazon and so far it’s doing well!



To be honest this was a difficult podcast to listen to, but also, in my opinion, incredibly well done. It was an eye opening series sharing the experience of victims and survivors of sexual abuse. Believed looks at how Larry Nassar, an Olympic gymnastics doctor, got away with abusing hundreds of women and girls for almost two decades. Listening to this podcast inspired me to get more involved, and since April is sexual assault awareness month, I’ll be sharing a post later this month with more on this topic.

Jess Ann Kirby enjoyed listened to the Believed podcast from NPR in March.

Jess Ann Kirby gathers inspiration for her summer garden.


Garden Inspiration

I am counting down the freaking days until I can start planting my garden. We did a bunch of weeding and pruning this weekend but I’ve been pinning all of my inspiration to this Pinterest board. If we can swing it, Craig is also going to build a shed in the backyard to use for filming, creative projects and other stuff. 



Manuka Honey Cleanser

This is honestly one of my favorite beauty product discoveries of all time. The first time I tried it my skin was super irritated, inflamed and breaking out. It soothed my skin immediately after using it and by the next day my skin was almost completely back to normal, crazy! I pretty much tell everyone and anyone who will listen about this stuff, it’s that good

Jess Ann Kirby has been using manuka honey in her skincare routine for its hydrating and soothing affects on the skin.

Jess Ann Kirby explores Lisbon, Portugal in comfortable loafers and a Sezane crossbody bag.


Lisbon and Porto Travel Guide

This was one of the most popular posts from March, and whether or not you’re planning a trip to Portugal, I love going back and looking at the photos. I will never get over the tile work in those cities. Absolutely incredible. 

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  1. Isabel wrote:

    I love this kind of posts. Such a great way to show gratitude and appreciation for what we have. The tile work in Lisbon is indeed exquisite.


    4.17.19 | Reply
  2. Michael @ Mile in My Glasses wrote:

    Love love love that planter!

    I hope you have a great Wednesday,

    4.17.19 | Reply
  3. Becca wrote:

    My esthetician just recommended the Manuka Honey Cleaning Balm to me after she used it during a facial! She swears by it, and she told me that I could even use it as an overnight mask as needed.

    4.17.19 | Reply

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