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Jess Ann Kirby styles her vanity with fresh spring flowers and all of her current clean beauty favorites from Follain.

Happy Monday. Hope everyone had a great weekend. We actually had a pretty chill one which was SO nice for a change. Today I want to talk skincare. As most of you probably know by now I am using 100% clean beauty products. The switch was inspired by my meeting with Follain founder Tara Foley in April. We talked through my existing skincare routine and she made recommendations based on the products I loved at the time, skin type, and concerns. I committed to using all clean beauty products (initially) for 30 days. I was a skeptic. I never fully switched over to using clean products because I didn’t really think they worked, at least not in the ways I needed them to. Two months later I can honestly say after sticking to a clean beauty routine my skin has never looked or felt better. I truly think my skin looks better now than it did a few years ago.

Of course good skin needs a holistic approach. Staying hydrated, sun protection, eating healthy food, exercising, and not drinking too much alcohol will all help give you glowing skin, but products matter and the unfortunate truth is there are so many out there filled with toxic chemicals. The reason I really fell in love with Follain was because I know I can trust what’s on their site. Their products go through a rigorous approval process and they have an extensive restricted ingredient list which I actually use as a reference now anytime I shop for skincare.

I could spend WAY too long talking about products they carry that I love, but I tried to narrow this down to the real hero products. If you happen to live near a Follain I recommend going in and doing a skin consult. If not, their online skin quiz is also really helpful (and introduced me to some great products when I tried it this winter). I’m going to have Tara on the podcast this summer too so if you have questions for her leave them in the comments!

************** Follain has given me a special code JESSANNKIRBY15 that gives you 15% off at checkout. Some product exclusions apply*******************

Skincare – Cleanser

Naturopathica Manuka Honey Cleansing Balm. This absolutely saved my skin this winter. My skin went from inflamed, dry and breaking out to balanced and smooth within days of using this product. Manuka honey has antibacterial properties so it’s great for breakouts and also ideal for my dry skin. I use it less during the summer months but as soon as my skin starts acting up I use this cleanser. It’s one of my all time favorite skincare products.

Skincare – Toner

Indie Lee COQ-10 Toner. There are so many Indie Lee products I love but if I had to pick one, this would be it. It was one of the first clean beauty products I ever tried and it’s still my absolute favorite toner. I use it morning and night as the first step (after cleansing) in my skincare routine. It keeps my skin balanced, isn’t drying and makes my other products work better. It’s also a really nice refreshing mist to use throughout the day.

Jess Ann Kirby shares her favorite clean sunscreen options from Follain.

SPF & Self-Tanner

Babo Botanicals Sheer Tinted Sunscreen SPF 30. I recently started using this and it quickly became a favorite. If you want no fuss, light coverage with SPF for everyday this stuff is it. It’s incredibly hydrating for my dry skin, doesn’t clog pores and has hyaluronic acid which is basically my favorite skincare ingredient for it’s skin plumping effect.

Suntegrity Self-Tanner. If you want a truly clean, non-toxic self-tanner this is your best bet. It’s ideal for a natural looking glow. The more times you apply the deeper your tan will develop. I apply before bed and wake up with a natural looking tan.

Love Sun Body SPF30 Mineral Sunscreen. Particularly ideal for beach or pool days it’s water resistant up to 80 minutes and reef safe. It also soaks in nicely without leaving that white cast from many mineral sunscreens.

Skincare – Serum

Patyka Advanced Plumping Serum. I’m fairly convinced this is the number one product that has improved my skin. It has a high concentration of pure botanical hyaluronic acid for firming, plumping and smoothing out wrinkles. I use this morning and night before moisturizer and after toning. I also LOVE the smell, it’s subtle but so pleasant and the texture of the product is really nice, a gel-like consistency that goes on light and leaves your skin so smooth.

Skincare – Face Mist

Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water. I have the full and travel size versions of this face mist because I never go anywhere without it. It’s my favorite in flight product to keep skin hydrated and dewy. I love to use it throughout the day to give my skin a little pick-me-up and I spray it on my face as the last step in my skincare routine morning and night.

Jess Ann Kirby uses the Herbivore Rose spray and Patyka serum from Follain as part of her clean beauty skincare routine.

Hair – Shampoo & Conditioner

Ursa Major Everyday Shampoo & Conditioner. I have tried so many clean shampoos and conditioners none have been able to compete with these from Ursa Major. I think this is ideal for more fine/straight hair types, though Craig really likes it too and he has thick curly hair. Both have a refreshing, slightly woodsy smell but not overpowering.

Innersense Color Awakening Hairbath. I got this shampoo to alternate with the Ursa Major since it’s specifically for color treated hair. It has a nice lather, prevents color fading and has the most soothing scent. It’s also really gentle on my super sensitive scalp. It does a great job of making hair feel clean without stripping and doesn’t leave your hair feeling greasy.

Jess Ann Kirby has switched all of her shower products to clean beauty alternatives from Follain.
Skincare – Face Masks

La Bella Figura Purifying Manuka Honey Mask. Are you noticing a trend here? I really love manuka honey in my skincare. This mask is seriously incredible. It purifies, detoxifies and clears out your pores without drying. I use it 1-2x a week and notice a difference immediately afterwards. My skin feels balanced, clean, pores are smaller and skin looks brighter.

Body & Deodorant

Ursa Major Deodorant. At this point it’s hard to keep track of how many natural deodorants I’ve tried, but this is definitely a standout. Not only does it work, it goes on smooth (not always the case with natural deodorant) and doesn’t leave behind any residue. It also has a nice natural, refreshing scent.

Osea Anti-Aging Balm Body Balm. When I told Tara I wanted something as rich as an oil but fast-absorbing like a lotion this was her recommendation and it is hands down my favorite body lotion. It’s like the perfect combination of an oil and lotion, the scent is so refreshing and invigorating and it absorbs quickly so no waiting for your moisturizer to soak in.

Jess Ann Kirby recommends the Ursa Major deodorant and Osea body balm for clean bodycare options.


Ilia Mascara. My newest beauty discovery and not to sound dramatic but I will never use any other mascara again. This stuff is incredible. It lengthens and separates lashes, the applicator is genius with one side that has longer bristles and the other shorter so you can really get every lash. It doesn’t flake, it doesn’t smudge, it lasts all day and it’s still easy to wash off at night.

Vapour Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation (shade s112). Admittedly I really don’t wear foundation a lot in the summer or at all but when I do, for shoots, events, etc. this is absolutely incredible. It has beautiful coverage but still shows off your skin instead of hiding it. Every single time I wear this foundation I get compliments on my skin. It evens out skin tone, looks dewy and feels really lightweight on the skin. I think it’s better suited for dry or dry combo skin.

Kari Gran Lip Whip – Tinted Peppermint. Few things keep my lips as hydrated and plump as this product. I also love the minty scent and the subtle tint. It’s gorgeous for everyday. I always have this in my bag.

Jess Ann Kirby loves the Ilia mascara and Vapour foundation from Follain as part of her clean beauty everyday makeup routine.

Follain Exclusives

Follain Candles. Do you know how hard it is to find a truly non-toxic candle that also smells good and looks nice? It’s really hard, trust me I’ve been searching. I truly have not found a better candle than the No 1. and No 2. candles from Follain. The scent is heavenly, subtle and not overpowering and the packaging is also gorgeous. They make a really great gift too.

Instant Glow Body Oil. A fast-absorbing body oil that isn’t greasy and leaves skin feeling super hydrated. Great for applying after the shower. An ideal body oil for summer.

Lavender Everything Soap. I keep the Follain soaps everywhere, in the kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor shower because they are so gentle and smell so good. They are refillable so if you happen to live near a Follain bring it into the store!

Follain Sugar & Shea Scrub. Great for exfoliating without drying, this scrub is my go-to at least once a week, particularly if my faux tan is starting to look funky. Helps take it right off but doesn’t leave my skin feeling stripped or dry.

Jess Ann Kirby loves have the Follain soap and room spray in her bathroom for everyday use.

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  1. briana wrote:

    I love the Indie Lee toner! It’s a miracle worker and smells so good.

    briana |

    6.3.19 | Reply
  2. Katie Gill wrote:

    Can’t wait to try out some of these products, my skin has been going kind of crazy the past few months – I feel like it looks great for 2 weeks, and then the week before my period and during it just breaks out 🙁 so frustrating!

    Thanks for being such a great resource in all things sustainable, clean and toxic free!!

    XO Katie

    6.3.19 | Reply
  3. Thank-you for sharing all of these Jess! They sound like great products!

    I hope you have a fantastic Monday,

    6.3.19 | Reply
  4. Rach wrote:

    I am OBSESSED with the Indie Lee toner and Ilia Mascara! So good. I definitely need to try out Manuka Honey mask!

    6.4.19 | Reply
  5. I LOVE the Follain candles and the Instant Glow Body Oil! I used to live near a Follain in DC, but now in Houston and missing having a store so close!

    Loved looking through all of your picks!


    6.6.19 | Reply
  6. Julianna wrote:

    I desperately want Follain to start shipping to Canada!!!

    Right now I use it primarily as a guide to what products I should be purchasing from other stores that either ship to Canada or that I can visit here, but after visiting the store while in NYC and having the chance to look at the products and speak with Tara, it would be nice to be able to support their business!

    6.6.19 | Reply
  7. Laura wrote:

    I’d been incorporating clean beauty products in bits and pieces for the past year, but all your insta stories and blog posts about Follain really helped boost by desire to go 100% clean. Follain was such a great discovery! The Patyka serum and Manuka Honey cleansing balms are some of my FAVORITES as well and I’m so thrilled to be 95% clean beauty at this point. Now to tackle that last 5%!

    6.7.19 | Reply
  8. Kelly wrote:

    Looking forward to trying the Ursa Major shampoo/conditioner… but when I click your shampoo link it goes to your master bedroom makeover!

    7.7.19 | Reply
  9. Amanda Block wrote:

    I have a consultation at Follain nyc tomorrow thanks for the recommendation! I started the changeover during my pregnancy (baby 6 mo now) but didn’t find any products that I loved. Excited to start over tomorrow. Thanks!

    10.29.19 | Reply
    • Jess wrote:

      Oh so exciting. Let me know how it goes, and congratulations! xx

      10.29.19 | Reply
  10. Jacko wrote:

    Thank you for sharing all of these Jess! It sounds like a great product!

    Love it!!!!!!

    11.30.19 | Reply
  11. Aspen Alvarez wrote:

    Please link where you bought this mirror at? I need to know!

    6.6.20 | Reply
    • Jess wrote:

      It’s from Anthropologie!

      6.10.20 | Reply
  12. What are your best skincare brands?

    1.23.21 | Reply

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